Winter Funk

I am smack in the middle of deep winter. The sidewalks are covered in horrible ice and snow, so I can’t do any running. The ground is frozen so farmer’s market veggies are minimal. As a result, I’ve been uninspired and the blog shows it. Meanwhile it’s not worth it to sign up for a gym at this point because I keep telling myself “just 3 more weeks” and I should be able to run outside again.

Valentine’s Day was a nice little pick me up; a little light on this winter darkness. When I came home from work, my bunny greeted me with flowers and this plate of bakery goodies:


And I gave him two kinds of chocolate from Brooklyn (not intentional). Mast Brothers and Raaka:


Then we broke tradition and went out for dinner. We usually don’t go out on Valentine’s Day because I get annoyed with crowded seatings and limited menu. But this year one of my favorite nicer restaurants that I don’t get to go to very often had a really great special. I stupidly waited until Tuesday to decide, so by the time I called my only option for a table was 5:15 or 9:30. Since I had to be at work at 7am Saturday morning, we said yes to the Early Bird Special. It turns out no one wanted to eat at 5:15 because we sat against the back wall and this was our view for most of the dinner:   vday14_1

The sun hadn’t even set yet.

Have you ever been to fancy steakhouses where they have a “Steak for 2”? This is so nerdy: I’ve always wanted to do that, but it’s always too expensive. Cook and Brown had it on their Valentine’s Day menu for a very reasonable price ($65 for the steak, salad, and sides) so I was really excited to get it. I’ll skip over the salad picture because it was a salad. (Albeit, a fantastic salad with toasted barley on top.)

This is the glory of our 30 oz steak:


Behind the steak is a huge portion of bone marrow, another thing I have never had but always been interested in. I am pretty adventurous with food, but even I had a little hesitation over how… real it looked. Know what I mean? It’s clearly a big freaking animal bone sawed in half! And here I am, scooping out the insides with an espresso spoon. I described it to a co-worker the next day and realized that it probably sounded like the grossest thing in the world to her. Oh well. This is food. This is real life. How did it taste? Like eating butter. Beef-flavored butter. If that’s what dogs taste when they’re chewing on bones, I get it.

The early dinner time actually worked out well. We left the restaurant at 7:30 which gave me time to come home, eat my desserts with a glass of cognac, and be in bed at my normal time for work the next day. Man, I hate myself for saying a 5:15 dinner was perfect scheduling. Old people. For real.

The next couple of weeks will surely pick up again because I’ve got some traveling to do but I definitely need to get in more exercise with all of the eating I have in store. I never thought about Valentine’s Day being a diet wrecker but this one was big.

Happy Valentine’s Day, happy 3 day weekend, and happy school vacation weeks to you all.


Eating Around Vegas

I slacked off the remainder of last week because I was just so tired. Three hotels and three time zones in six days wore me out more than I expected. I forgot to mention that one of my nights at the Aria was free thanks to playing this silly game on Facebook called myVegas. You play a game to collect points and the points can be redeemed for free stuff in Las Vegas. I never spent any money to play the game.

Anyway, here are the pictures I didn’t get to.

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