New gear review: Oakley Continuity Bra and Extrovert Tank

Today was an exciting day in my nerd world.

  • I booked my hotel for Disney marathon weekend. It’s getting so real! I’m staying on Disney property and they’re asking me all of this stuff about making dinner and show reservations, and telling me everything will be linked on a magic bracelet I wear.  I love planning.
  • I made $50 cash in 20 minutes. After work, I had a follow-up appointment for a long term university health study about weight gain. All I had to do was answer questions about my lifestyle and get my vitals taken.
  • My man spent all day making red beans and rice and it was the best I’ve had since leaving New Orleans 8 years ago. Then he made bourbon cherry bread pudding for dessert even though I expressly told him not to do that. I can’t even deal. Someone take him away.

And finally, I came home to this kick ass prize from an Oakley contest. I got to open it as my reward for running 4 miles.


an outfit, duffle bag, Tone it Up DVD, and a few other goodies.

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