DIY Non Slip Headbands

Good morning! I had delicious Idaho trout last night.


Now I have to wait another year or more before I eat it again.

While I get my Vegas on, check out my latest creation. When I was at the Shape Diva Dash, I saw a booth selling some fun non-slip headbands, the kind with velvet ribbon to keep it from moving around. I went off to buy one, but turned right around when I saw that they cost $12 each.

Cool story bro.

Then I discovered some tutorials on how to make those exact headbands. I used Kristina Grum’s tutorial and made seven headbands for a total cost of $11.

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New gear review: Oakley Continuity Bra and Extrovert Tank

Today was an exciting day in my nerd world.

  • I booked my hotel for Disney marathon weekend. It’s getting so real! I’m staying on Disney property and they’re asking me all of this stuff about making dinner and show reservations, and telling me everything will be linked on a magic bracelet I wear.  I love planning.
  • I made $50 cash in 20 minutes. After work, I had a follow-up appointment for a long term university health study about weight gain. All I had to do was answer questions about my lifestyle and get my vitals taken.
  • My man spent all day making red beans and rice and it was the best I’ve had since leaving New Orleans 8 years ago. Then he made bourbon cherry bread pudding for dessert even though I expressly told him not to do that. I can’t even deal. Someone take him away.

And finally, I came home to this kick ass prize from an Oakley contest. I got to open it as my reward for running 4 miles.


an outfit, duffle bag, Tone it Up DVD, and a few other goodies.

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What I Wore uh, Thursday

instant minnie mouse costume

lazy Minnie Mouse costume. Sorry for the blurryness.


My office lets us come in costume, so I kept it clean and classy with this Minnie Mouse getup. I didn’t have any ears though so my sister said it was weak. Whatever; I got to wear to wear Crocs all day instead of heels.

Of course, this has noooo relation to the fact that I think about this upcoming Disney Marathon nonstop! If I don’t get a costume together for the marathon, you may see this apron again.

Barre class

The other night, I had the opportunity to try out a free barre class at Momentum Fitness. I had no idea what to expect. I even googled what it would be like.

The facility is a great space – a small cozy but upscale-feeling gym that focuses on personal training. The studio was only large enough for a class of six people. I couldn’t take a picture in the studio without feeling like a tool so you’ll have to use your imagination.

The instructor was a an experienced dancer and definitely looked like one, despite saying that she had “just” had a baby. She was a really great teacher and was good at explaining how to move and hold your body. I hate it when you take a fitness class and the instructor is just someone who took a few weeks of certification and calls themselves an expert *cough* a lot of kickboxing classes *cough*. Anyway, I think her name was Michelle and she was very knowledgeable.

Each person was set up with a yoga mat, 2-lb weights, and a foam roller. We actually started the class by foam rolling our legs and thighs. Then we did this crazy move where you lie on your back balanced on top of the foam roller, if you can picture that. It took some strong ab muscles and focus to not wobble around. As if that wasn’t hard enough we then did some leg kicks while balanced in that position. We continued on the mats with squat (plié) type moves and flowy arm movements while holding the little weights. When you are holding your arms out for an extended time, those 2-lb weights do get heavy! Finally we moved on to the barre where we did plié squats and moves where you kick your leg out behind you (like an arabesque but like, 1/4 of that height).

The entire class moved very slow and was sort of calm. Some of the moves were challenging and I had to stop for breaks, and I knew that I’d be sore the next day, however I was never out of breath and literally didn’t break a sweat. I don’t know how much of that is typical of a class or if she was extra easy on us because it was everyone’s first time. For the record, I was sore the next day. Although I definitely understand the benefit of these muscle-toning moves, I’m not sure if I see this as a workout for me. First, it’s kind of extraneous. It can’t be your only exercise; you have to add it to other stuff that you’re already doing. It also doesn’t seem to be the type of workout for someone who wants to lose weight. For fat loss, you have to sweat heavy and lift heavy. This type of workout is for extra toning for people who are already in decent shape. I really appreciated the chance to try a new type of workout since I’m always looking for new ways to get in a workout, but it’s just a personal preference that barre isn’t for me.

Tangent: I mentioned that I couldn’t take a picture in the studio because I felt like a tool, so here I am taking a selfie in the dressing room, being a tool in private. I bought this tank top at Old Navy for $7, and I thought it was so adorable. Then in class I realized it makes me look so pregnant. Cute pregnant, but pregnant nonetheless. It didn’t help that I had to stare at myself in the studio mirror the whole class.

barre class outfit


I hope no one in the class thought I was pregnant. How annoying!

New Gear: Athleta skort and Ideology jacket

Athleta finally made it to my little state, and I just went for the first time. Oh man, can I please just live in those clothes? You can sign me up to me an obnoxious yoga mom pushing a baby jogger stroller holding an iced coffee. I can get down with the sexy yoga clothes all day erryday. I don’t even do yoga but those outfits make me wanna do yoga.

The store has finally been open long enough for things to go on clearance, so I took a look. I can barely afford even their sale prices! I was able to score the Airbrush Relay Skort (a running skort) for only $20.

Athleta skort

image: Athleta

I have two other running skirts, from Target and a Nike sample sale. Both cost around $15. The original price on this skort was $64! Price is not always an indicator, but as soon as I put this on, I knew it was different. My cheaper skorts have built-in briefs, but they are not long enough or tight enough for my liking. I can only wear them on shorter runs – anything longer and there’s chafing. This skort actually has shorts that are long and it has the rubbery stuff around the leg so it won’t ride up. Unfortunately the material is kind of heavy, but at least there is no cotton in it. I can’t wait to try it.

I know some people laugh at running skorts, and I did too before I tried them. It’s the only way I can wear spandex shorts without feeling too exposed. The dangerous thing I found out about Athleta is that they carry some petite sizes and they do free hemming. This is excellent news for a person who is elf-sized. I almost never wear long pants to exercise because they are way too long, and this is the first time I’ve heard of an activewear brand making petite sizes. Note to self: You will not spend $60 on workout pants. You will not spend $60 on workout pants.

The other awesome score today was this cute cute jacket from the activewear section at Macy’s. It’s their Ideology brand, which is like the club girl’s workout clothes. It was only $11 and I can wear it as a normal jacket/top with jeans.

Ideology jacket from Macy's

image source: Macy’s

I went shopping for work pants, and all I could find was workout clothes.