Review: Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream

Winter outdoor running and my daily work commute have been tearing my skin up. I pile on layers of clothes for those freezing runs, but my face is the only thing exposed. Short of wearing a balaclava, some people say you should coat your face is vaseline to protect it from the wind but… that doesn’t sound so great.
When I started winter running, my skin felt like sandpaper at night. I tried the Yes to Carrots night cream but didn’t use it very long because the fragrance was way too strong, and even though my skin was dry, it still felt like the cream was too heavy for my skin to breathe, if that makes sense. Pure argan oil was still not enough to soothe the skin and tame the dry flakes. The one thing that has helped this face situation is the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream Oil.
josie maran infinity cream
Although the name leads you to think that it is mostly argan oil, it’s an emulsified blend of lots of oils, primarily safflower and shea butter, but it’s also packed with other good-for-you plant oils. It has a slight scent but it’s fresh, citrusy (I think apricot?) and very subtle. Right out of the tube, it feels kind of like vaseline but it melts and then soaks into your dry skin right away.
The product is made to be used anywhere on your body, but at $28 for 2.2 oz I’m rationing it. Mine is smaller because it came in a kit. My face still looks a ruddy, and on top of that I got a little bit of sun in Charleston and my freckles started to come out, but at least it feels good and my makeup can glide on like a normal person. If you are in the mood for some luxury and have very dry skin, the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Cream is divine.

$20 for $50 worth of Yes To Carrots

$20 for $50 worth of Yes To Carrots

If you are interested in buying any Yes To… products, jump on this deal! Stay with me on this one. Living Social is currently offering $25 for $50 at Yes To Carrots. Living Social is also running a promo code that gets you $10 off the $25 voucher purchase, so:
$25 Living Social voucher
– 10 coupon
+ 5 shipping
$20 for $50 worth of Yes To products including shipping.
Click here to shop and use coupon code AUG10 when you check out from Living Social. Make sure you choose the $50 voucher or else the coupon won’t work.
The voucher says you can’t use it on bundled products, but I used one last time to get the lip balm bundle, so try it anyway. The Yes to Carrots/Grapefruit/Blueberries/Cucumbers line is not organic and not the “cleanest” stuff out there, but if you don’t have access to or can’t afford specialty products, their products are a better choice.
I haven’t used much from this brand, but I am loving the Grapefruit CC cream! I might even buy more of it during this sale just to stock up.