Long Run, Long Sunday

Wow; when I set goals, I set goals. Today was the 9 mile run on my training plan and I survived.

On Saturday night, we made waffles for dinner (more on that tomorrow).


I considered ordering the Mayweather fight on TV or going out to watch it, but then I realized I would be up too late and it would screw up my running plans. I also didn’t want a cent of my $75 going into Mayweather’s pocket, haha.

Sunday morning was nice and cool, so I was able to sleep in (relatively) til 8. Summer runs stink because when it hits 80 by 10 am, you have to be out the door early. So glad we are now in the “golden season” for running. I had breakfast of chia seeds + coconut milk plus a half waffle + almond butter. We drove to a new place to run, which is another mental boost for me.

Warren, RI bike path

Running near the water never gets old. What was nice about this route was the scenery changed as I got into the bay, then again from the bay to the ocean marshes, then even closer to the ocean with the smell of salty air. It’s amazing how one path can take you through multiple ecosystems, different worlds supporting different types of life. Could be a metaphor for life, right?
Warren, RI bike path

There is no filter on this photo, just a straight iPhone pic. Gorgeous colors!

The run itself was simply excellent. I tried to do it without headphones, but I struggled. As soon as I put the music on, everything clicked. Through the rest of the 9 miles, my pace was on point, my breathing was good, and I felt great at the end. My last mile was my fastest! I felt on top of the world and the endorphins were in full force. I ran at my half marathon goal pace, so I hope I can keep it up for the next 4 miles in training.

Usually after a long run, my blood sugar drops really quickly and I need to eat something immediately/within 20 mins or else I’d get shaky. I didn’t get that intense feeling after this run. I don’t know if it was because I switched to Stinger Chews instead of Clif Blocks, or the chia seeds, or because my body is just adapting better. When we got home, I drank a little juice and ate the other half of my waffle just to be safe.

After we cleaned up from the run, we even walked over to brunch which is about a half mile away. Despite my snack, I was really hungry by then and commented that they should have appetizers for brunch. We split this vegan donut as our appetizer.vegan donut

For brunch, I did not go all out as I might have before. I got the two poached eggs and hash, except the “hash” was roasted cauliflower instead of potatoes. So healthy, so paleo.sundayrun6

It was so good. I never thought to use cauliflower as a breakfast hash, and I will definitely do it at home. Looking at that small plate, I thought I was going to still be hungry at the end but surprisingly I was full.

We walked home and I got to work on my kitchen chores. I used some peppers to make hot sauce. My lemongrass, basil and sage were done drying so I jarred those up. Then I made  eggplant dip:eggplant caviar

I also tried to bake eggplant slices to make eggplant lasagna but I sliced it too thin and ended up with crispy eggplant chips instead. Some people eat them as a low-carb chip substitute but it seemed too bitter to me. I salvaged the few soft pieces, layered them with pattypan squash  and jarred sauce and have it baking in the oven right now. I have a feeling it won’t be tasty.

I can’t believe the ridiculous amounts of food that has been produced in the past 24 hours. Yesterday after work I roasted all of our red tomatoes, so I’ll add them to tonight’s dinner, and Brian turned all of the tomatillos + a few peppers into salsa.

If this eggplant casserole doesn’t turn out well, I am tempted to just eat pasta and jarred sauce or order pizza because I am pooped.