Springy 10 miles

Yesterday I killed a 10 mile training run – my first double-digit run since the marathon. It went surprisingly well considering the rough days I had before the run.
On Friday night, my piano playing neighbor had a sing-along party. I’d fall asleep for like 30 minutes and be woken up to european college kids singing Imagine. Repeat until about 3am. Oh, and I had to be in at work at 6 am on Saturday. I pushed it to 7:00, but it was still rough. After a full 8 hour shift, I came home, took a nap, and then it was out to watch the Pacquiao fight. It’s a good thing he won because we were the only table full of Asians in that place. The night ended, as all “good” nights do, with a trip to Olneyville New York System. I don’t know if I can adequately describe the full experience but I will sum it up by saying that you ONLY eat hot dogs-covered-in-meat-and-onions at 3am, however probably SHOULD NOT eat it the night (morning?) before running 10 miles.
I got a little sleep and the sun forced me out of bed at 10. Pre-run, I ate two Feed Zone cinnamon bites and a little peanut butter, with some Starbucks instant coffee. It was a perfect day for running. Breezy, overcast, and already 60 degrees by the time I got to the trail. I even left my phone in the car and ran without any music. This is how I felt before the run:
During the run, I ate two Feed Zone chocolate rice balls. My brother gave me  Cytomax to try and I couldn’t even stand the smell of it when I was mixing it up. but I drank 8oz of it at half strength during the run. It was barely tolerable. I’ll go back to Nuun or Gatorade. Or this:
Anyway the run itself was really good. I felt good, it was a beautiful day, and I didn’t say I never wanted to run again. Was it the hot wieners? Who knows. It was 4 pm by the time I showered and cooked, and sat down to my first real meal of the day: made bourbon french toast. After eating “brunch” at such a weird hour, I had a small dinner of quesadilla with kale salad. Quesadilla on a low-carb tortilla has been my thing this week, possibly forever. The kale salad can go away though.april13_dinner

I must not have eaten enough yesterday because today I devoured a chicken pesto panini and felt guilty about it, especially after the french toast binge the day before. I’m stuck in this cycle of 5 days of clean eating, then eating all of the bread in sight. but let’s not get into that now.
I have one more long run left before a half marathon and I honestly don’t know if I will be able to PR because I haven’t been paying attention to times.  Considering how I’ve lost my motivation for running, if I don’t improve in this race I’m going to be really depressed. It’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen.

Boston Diva Dash 2014

I had a ton of fun running in last year’s Shape Diva Dash, so I get to be an ambassador again!


The Shape Diva Dash comes back to the Boston area on September 6, 2014. Obstacle course races are blowing up right now but this one is different because it’s only for women and you can make it as hard or as easy as you want. There is no dirt, no getting soaked, no electrocution. There were some fun obstacles like the tire mountain, a hay bale mountain, jumping over water, a fun thing where you walk on a rope, and some other surprises.

The race is on a wave system, with the final wave going at 2:45 pm.  You don’t even have to wake up early. This race had the most fun party vibe I’ve ever seen. The pre- and post- party was huge, with beer, wine, snacks and dancing. There were so many people who put teams together and dressed up according to their theme. I didn’t have a team last year and I regretted it, so you should definitely get your girls together for this. I think there is even a prize for best team costume.

The registration fee is currently $55 but you can knock $10 off using coupon code AXDIVAVILAY. The swag bag is great too. One of the starting waves is already sold out and we are six months out, so get your team in now to get a good starting wave. – Shape Diva Dash

SHAPE Diva Dash logo Horiz

Baltimore Adventures, part 2

Here are the the more exciting things I did in Baltimore in between sleeping, working, and eating at blah restaurants. The eats worth mentioning are below.

The nearest non-Starbucks espresso was Lamill, located at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was super fancy and I had this cherry pistachio donut.

cherry pistachio donut

cherry pistachio donut at Lamill Coffee

I wanted to get food from this truck, simply because it has THE BEST NAME IN THE HISTORY OF FOOD TRUCK NAMES. Unfortunately, the line was very long and it was bbq stuff and I wasn’t feeling BBQ that day. Oh, and it was parked next to a truck named “GrrChe”. They served grilled cheese. Hah.

Kommie Pig food truck

Kommie Pig food truck

I ate at Dooby’s twice, including this yummy and tiny steak and egg sandwich. I never would have thought to put shaved steak on an egg sandwich but it worked. Actual conversation as I did my expense report with the Money Guy:

Money guy: Oh nice, you bought Dooby’s on the company card?
Me: It’s a restaurant!
Money guy: What do they sell, like Doritos and Cheezy Poofs?

steak and egg sandwich

steak and egg sandwich

The other delicious things I ate Dooby’s – jalapeno cornbread, pork belly rice wraps, and polenta with roasted vegetables. The cocktails are also fabulous. Menu prices are inexpensive but the portions are small so you definitely need to order appetizers.

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Baltimore Adventures

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Wait no, make that BWI (see what I did there?)


Last week was the same old grind – just running, including an uneventful 8 miles. Since I was running a new route through neighborhood streets, Brian backtracked and ran 2 miles with me to show me the route. It was sweet of him to run at my 13:00 pace when he normally runs at like 9-something on long runs. It was also nice to have a running partner, which I never have. It makes me wish I could find someone who runs as slowly as I do.

I’ve been in Baltimore for a few days and it’s been kind of crappy. I’m staying in the city center, which is boring and devoid of life. Except for crackheads and mall shoppers. The nearest “neighborhood” is the Inner Harbor which is mostly a pretty shopping mall. Starbuck’s is the best coffee option and I’m going nuts without a good espresso.

I did the touristy thing and ate the crabs that you smash with a hammer.



I thought I liked crabs but this shit was way too much work. I ordered six crabs (list price: $24, no side dishes) but for some reason I got 12 small ones? I “ate” 10 of them before finally admitting that I was over it, and I felt like I hadn’t even eaten anything! No lie, I got a burger at Five Guys afterwards. I can’t believe I spent over $30 on a random dinner of crabs and fast food. I’ve eaten seafood every day so far, so I will have to do some mercury detoxing when I go home.

Even though it’s mega corporate on the harbor, it sure is beautiful for running. The pedestrian path along the harbor got me around 4 miles round trip.


Water and blue skies all around. This has been the best part of my stay so far.

When I travel, food is my number one priority but the food nearby is all chains and crappy stuff. I haven’t eaten anything memorable so far, which is a shame. The good restaurants are all in neighborhoods that are a few miles away. Unfortunately I am at work until 5,and the neighborhood has a lot of crazies after dark. I only have about 3 hours before I gotta be back at the hotel and do this grind all over again. Hope this weekend gets better because I can venture out and Brian will be here!