Update on my Focus T25 Progress

I completed the first five weeks of Shaun T’s Focus T25 program and here is my recap! T25 is a DVD workout program that has you do a 25 minute workout, 5 days a week. I didn’t get enough of a “transformation” for a dramatic before/after photo but: I lost a half inch around my ribcage (bra band area), a half inch from my waist, and lost 3 pounds. My biceps stayed the same. It seems like most people lose 5 lbs in the first 5 weeks of this program, so I was happy with my 3 because I lose weight soooo slowly. I was surprised I lost any weight at all because I wore my heart rate monitor and usually only burned 150 Calories per session at most.

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That time I almost fainted at the hotel gym

So, I almost fainted on a treadmill this morning.
I’ve been battling a cold ever since I got on the plane. And since its the holiday and I’m on vacation, I haven’t had much time to rest so that my sickness can clear up. From Boise to the country town, back to Boise, and now in Vegas. I have bags under my eyes; I’ve been exhausted and cranky like the while time.

Yesterday I kind I fell to pieces and was dead asleep by 8:00. Who does that in Las Vegas?

This morning I was awake by 6am. I was annoyed that hadn’t run at all this trip so I decided to try the hotel gym. By the way, the Aria gym is the nicest gym I’ve ever been to. Not just the nicest hotel gym; the nicest. This was the lobby area:

I should have just hung out there. There were actually a lot of people there even though it was only 7am so I didn’t want to creep on them by taking more pictures.

Getting back to my story – I was chugging along at a very slow pace (marathon pace) but feeling good. I even said to myself “I can definitely make it 3 miles.” At exactly 1.5 miles, my towel slid onto the floor. I wanted to pick it up, so I hit the stop button. As the belt stopped, I suddenly was out of breath and coughing to catch my breath. I was really confused about that since I didn’t even feel out of breath while I was running. Maybe 10 seconds had passed since I stopped, then my hearing became muffled and everything was blurry. I was really scared and just stood there gripping the rails and thinking pleeeease don’t pass out in front of all these people. Looking back,
I probably should have sat down right there.

I was aware enough to grab my things and stumble a few steps to the stretching area and just laid flat on the floor for about 10 minutes. I tried to pass it off like “yeah i just had a hard workout so I need to rest.” Then I got up, drank a cup of water, took an ice cold wet towel (how luxurious and handy) and laid down again. Eventually I was fine enough to go back to my room and now I’m fine, just a little shell shocked.

I always read that its ok to run when you have a head cold but be careful of some of the other factors. I have never felt that sensation before and in that moment I panicked. I suspect that it was my normally low blood pressure + dehydration from flying and being sick + your blood pressure drops when you stop exercising which all came together at once. Also, I live at sea level, Vegas is 2100 feet and the hotel is a a bunch of stories up. Is that enough of an elevation change to make a difference? Hopefully this magical combo does not happen ever again and especially not during the marathon.

Speed: is it worth it?

The other day I made pizza in a cast iron skillet:

Using the cast iron makes me feel all cool and old-timey. I also get to feel all accomplished when I can manage to use it without the food turning into a sticky burnt-on mess.

Sadly that pizza was healthified and lacking in flavor but any pizza is better than no pizza.

I’ve been making some good progress with my running group. Last week I ran 2 miles without stopping, at a pace only 10 secs slower than my 5k PR pace.

For yesterday’s solo run, I decided to just run as much as I could without walking. I did 3 miles and only walked twice for exactly 1 minute each time. In the end, my overall pace was really slow – closer to my half marathon pace. It felt like I was working really hard but it shouldn’t have been hard at that pace and distance.

My question then: If I can do intervals of 2 minutes/walk 1 min and achieve faster times than running continuously, should I keep trying to run continuously?

Every time I try to run without walking, I see my times and I give up. Maybe I’m not giving it enough of a chance? If I practice more, would I get faster and catch up to my run/walk time?

I know the correct answer is: do what matters to you, focus on your own goals. My goal is just to the the mileage done and make it to the finish line. I’m just curious about what other people might do in this situation.

Learning new moves

I checked off my life goal for this week: I went to kickboxing, kinda. It was a weights/circuit class rather than straight boxing but it still counts. I hadn’t been to the gym in a while so I think this was a new class format, and I loved it. I forgot how much I like high intensity circuits!

There were 11 stations total and I got to try out a few moves I hadn’t done before:

  • speed bag – ¬†getting the rhythm is hard for everyone but throw in my height and it was double awkward. I’m so short that I felt like I was punching up into the air, Mario-style.
  • squats on the bouncy side of the bosu board¬†– it’s as difficult and awkward as it sounds
  • ropes – I was excited to try these because it’s on Gatorade commercials and the Biggest Loser. I didn’t look so graceful trying to use my spaghetti arms.
  • Squat + flip a sand bag – I ended up really liking this.

I’ve been pretty much been only running for the last few months so getting back into interval training really highlighted the fact that running is so boring. I am also badly in need of muscle work so I hope to make this a regular class.

I noticed that my hand wraps hanging out to dry almost look like mummy halloween decorations:


The day after the circuit class, I went to my running class and had an awesomely hard , fast, run. I did 3 miles total and two of those miles without any walking. I know how ridiculous that sounds considering I am training for a marathon, but I am a run/walker so I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve run two miles straight.

Let’s hope this winning streak continues for my 15 miler this weekend.