Walt Disney World Marathon 2014 – One month to go!

It’s officially one month from my marathon and it’s all I can think about. I just got my bib number and corral assignment – not last, so that’s all that matters! And the marathon course map is up. Now that I roughly know where things will be, I’m practicing my visual/mental training tips. I knew that the finish line was in Epcot and the final miles are the same miles I ran in the Royal Family 5k (my first 5k) a few years ago. Whenever I am struggling on my long runs, I imagine myself running through the countries in the world showcase and pretend it is the final miles of my marathon.

Now I need to figure out where Brian will be able to see me on the course, and I don’t even know where to begin with that. I see that I hit the Magic Kingdom at around 5-6 miles in, which translates to about 7:00am. I guess I can’t count on anyone meeting me there. I can’t ask someone to be up that early and I don’t need the mental push that early in the race anyway. I think only the mid-way point and the finish line will work on.

I got some news that will affect marathon weekend though. My grandparents live near Orlando and I originally planned to spend just one day with them before the marathon festivities. My grandfather recently got a diagnosis of prostate cancer, and he spent Thanksgiving in the hospital. He’ll start chemo soon, but he’s already 85 so even if things go “perfectly” you don’t quite bounce back from anything at that age. I have already rearranged my travel plans so that I will spend 2 and a half days with him before the marathon events. Spending as much time as possible with him means cutting back or canceling Disney World time, but I have many more years for that. Instead of having Monday (day after marathon) to relax and do nothing or visit with the Princesses, I’ll be getting on a plane to come home. I’m also not taking any extra days off around Christmas and New Year so that I can conserve my vacation days to visit him more throughout the year.

It kind of stinks that I have been so excited and positive about the marathon, but my excitement is clouded by knowing that my grandpa is sick and he might be very sick by the time I see him. But cancer stinks more than anything I could imagine so my inconveniences don’t matter.


Birthday Part 3: Beer Tasting at Foxwoods Fall Festival

I scored some half price tickets to the Fall Festival beer tasting at Foxwoods Casino, so on Sunday afternoon I went back to the casino for some drinkin’. If you are keeping count, yes I did go to two casinos in one weekend. Plus I am going to Vegas in two weeks.


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A discount on the Firefly Run New York

Disclaimer added 1/15/2014: As a Firefly Run ambassador, I was offered compensation for referring runners to sign up for the Firefly Run. To date, they have not paid me and they have not answered my follow up e-mails. Meanwhile, they continue to advertise an ambassador program.

Remember when I told you about the Firefly Run in New York/Brooklyn?

They just sent me a reminder that tomorrow, October 2, is the last day for you to use my discount code and save $10. If you’re still thinking about doing the Firefly Run, head over here, click on register, and enter code VILAY13 when you’re checking out.

Your registration will include this cool unisex tech shirt:

Firefly Run t-shirt

Firefly Run t-shirt

It’s pretty rare for a 5k to offer a tech shirt, let alone one a stylish one. I was going to say it was fly, but that would be a dorky pun.

You also get one of these reflective and light-up LED bands. It’s big enough to fit on your wrist, bicep, or ankle. I’ll definitely be re-using this for a night time race or evening runs.

Firefly Run LED bracelet

Firefly Run LED bracelet

Unfortunately, I can’t join the fun anymore. I had the Diva Dash and the Firefly Run planned this weekend, both races that I’ve been promoting and in the New York area the same weekend. Then some breaking news happened. You may have heard something in the news about certain people being temporarily out of work because of political crap? Now I have to conserve money since I’m not sure when my next paycheck will come. Boo.

If you go, give me a recap so I know how it went!

Firefly Run
Saturday, October 5, 2013
7:00 pm
Prospect Park, Brooklyn

National Running Day – Why do you run?

It’s National Running Day!

This is one of the mantras I say to myself when I am crashing during a run. I run because I can. It is a simple way of saying that I am grateful for being able-bodied and in good health; I owe it to myself & those who died from illness to take care of myself and appreciate my health while I have it.

Go ahead and make your own badge and share your reasons. Let me know in the comments!