How to Make a Pocahontas Running Costume

pocahontas running costume

My Pocahontas costume for the marathon was comfy, practical, and accurate. I didn’t see many Pocahontas running costumes out there on the interwebs, and only saw 1 other person at the marathon in Pocahontas so here’s a quick summary of how I put the costume together. With the exception of the belt, if you have basic sewing skills you should be able to figure this out.

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DIY Non Slip Headbands

Good morning! I had delicious Idaho trout last night.


Now I have to wait another year or more before I eat it again.

While I get my Vegas on, check out my latest creation. When I was at the Shape Diva Dash, I saw a booth selling some fun non-slip headbands, the kind with velvet ribbon to keep it from moving around. I went off to buy one, but turned right around when I saw that they cost $12 each.

Cool story bro.

Then I discovered some tutorials on how to make those exact headbands. I used Kristina Grum’s tutorial and made seven headbands for a total cost of $11.

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