Twelve mile training run

Brian and I babysat my niece from Thursday through Sunday, so I had to adjust my running schedule.
I put in an uneventful and slow 12 miles on. I woke up at 5:30 am to run on Sunday morning and left her home with uncle. I texted Brian to let him know I’d be home soon, and they were chillin:

Last weekend when I did 10 miles, I was able to run the final 3 miles at almost 5k pace, but that was on a pancake-flat bike path. This run was on city streets, so I didn’t do as well. However, I got to do something special that almost never happens: run on the race course! Since the half marathon is a home race and my 2nd time doing this race, I ran a good portion of the course. I think it helped get me more in the mood for the race. Pre-run, I ate coconut chia pudding and one cinnamon bite with peanut butter. During the run, I ate two chocolate rice bites.

By the time I was done and showered, I only had time to grab an EAS shake to drink in the car (110 measly calories and almost no carb) because we had to drive her home (2 hrs) for dance class. I also packed a bag full of snacks which I FORGOT. So for the next few HOURS, I was miserable. Didn’t know if I should cry or faint. By 3:00, we had stopped at my mom’s house for a quick change and I inhaled a few handfuls of crackers before we had to jet off again to Easter dinner, where finally I ate a pound of braciole and a pound of pasta.

I can tell that the poor recovery had an effect on me because all day Monday I felt completely drained, and still slept like a rock both Sunday and Monday nights.

As for eating, I ate really well all week long, Monday through Friday. Then Saturday came along, we were busy, I had a kid to watch, and I ate nothing but carbs – waffles for brunch, pasta for dinner. I’m trying not to beat myself up over it but I wish I could find more balance instead of this all-or-nothing cycle I’m on.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I haven’t been “feeling it” this training cycle, and I haven’t been able to get excited about the upcoming race, or about my long run accomplishments. Now that I’ve run part of the course, and coming off all of the good Boston energy, I am a little bit more excited. But still, I wish there was more. After this half marathon on May 4, I am going to force myself to not even think about a half marathon and just focus on being better at the mile & 5k.


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