Baltimore Adventures, part 2

Here are the the more exciting things I did in Baltimore in between sleeping, working, and eating at blah restaurants. The eats worth mentioning are below.

The nearest non-Starbucks espresso was Lamill, located at the Four Seasons Hotel. It was super fancy and I had this cherry pistachio donut.

cherry pistachio donut

cherry pistachio donut at Lamill Coffee

I wanted to get food from this truck, simply because it has THE BEST NAME IN THE HISTORY OF FOOD TRUCK NAMES. Unfortunately, the line was very long and it was bbq stuff and I wasn’t feeling BBQ that day. Oh, and it was parked next to a truck named “GrrChe”. They served grilled cheese. Hah.

Kommie Pig food truck

Kommie Pig food truck

I ate at Dooby’s twice, including this yummy and tiny steak and egg sandwich. I never would have thought to put shaved steak on an egg sandwich but it worked. Actual conversation as I did my expense report with the Money Guy:

Money guy: Oh nice, you bought Dooby’s on the company card?
Me: It’s a restaurant!
Money guy: What do they sell, like Doritos and Cheezy Poofs?

steak and egg sandwich

steak and egg sandwich

The other delicious things I ate Dooby’s – jalapeno cornbread, pork belly rice wraps, and polenta with roasted vegetables. The cocktails are also fabulous. Menu prices are inexpensive but the portions are small so you definitely need to order appetizers.

I also got a chance to visit the farmer’s market. It seems like farm-to-table restaurants are not as big of a thing in Baltimore as it is in other places, or at least they don’t market it that way. The farmer’s market was huge though. Beyond huge. Tons of prepared food stalls and handmade stuff, lots of places to buy meat, but only a few fresh produce booths. It was located literally underneath the freeway:


There was a hooping station!


The place was shoulder-to-shoulder packed with people so I didn’t take any other pictures; I figured you didn’t want to see tons of butts.

When Brian visited, we did a tour of Oriole Park at Camden Yards. I took a cool panorama photo but my phone crashes every time I try to upload it. This is Babe Ruth. He’s from Baltimore, but I hear he put a curse on Boston or something.


I’m not a baseball fan, but it was fun going into the secret VIP areas. Luxury suites, broadcast booths, and the field. I entered this area and I am not an MLB player!


The press boxes still had the stats up from the Red Sox game the day before.


I felt a little guilty that I didn’t take advantage of the fact that I could just walk up and get a $10 ticket, or pay just $60 to sit in the first section behind the Sox dugout. It’s nearly impossible to do either of those things at Fenway park. Then I remembered that baseball makes me want to vomit.

Here I am about to sit in the Orioles dugout. Right after that picture, a lady got yelled at for touching the grass.


I hate baseball but this tour was great and only $9.

Other noteworthy places I visited:

Walters Art Museum – IT’S FREE. This is more of a classic art museum. I still couldn’t believe it was free. I visited on a Thursday night and there was a fashion show going on! Also had $5 wine and cocktails. Good deal.

American Visionary Art Museum – Outsider and folk art. This is certainly a unique museum and a must-see if you like museums or if you are a crafty person. But I left there feeling sad and… unsettled. I think it was because so many of the artists are point-blank mentally ill or severely schizophrenic.

Tribeca Coffee – Closed on Sundays. Learned that the hard way.

Max’s on Broadway – Huge craft beer on draft.

Brewer’s Art – It was crazy crowded and I could only stay for one drink. The happy hour special was $3.75 which is so cheap! The menu looked very pricey for dinner though.

Brewer’s Cask – Craft beer bar. Bartender was ridiculously nice and we hung out for hours.

Alewife – I ate here twice. Food was yummy and not expensive, which leaves you more to spend on beer. Unless you want a caesar salad ($7) then ask how much it is to add one crab cake, and the waiter says “$15” and you’re not sure if he meant $15 extra or $15 for the whole salad, but you don’t want to ask again for fear of looking like a cheap ass, and then you end up with a $23 salad. The name makes me happy because I think of the station voice “This is the Red Line train to Alewife…” during all of those Boston trips. If you come to Massachusetts, visit other fantastic bars owned by the same guy: The Moan and Dove, the Dirty Truth, and the Lord Hobo.

And that was my trip to Baltimore. Way too long of a trip and I am so happy to be home.


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