Baltimore Adventures

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Wait no, make that BWI (see what I did there?)


Last week was the same old grind – just running, including an uneventful 8 miles. Since I was running a new route through neighborhood streets, Brian backtracked and ran 2 miles with me to show me the route. It was sweet of him to run at my 13:00 pace when he normally runs at like 9-something on long runs. It was also nice to have a running partner, which I never have. It makes me wish I could find someone who runs as slowly as I do.

I’ve been in Baltimore for a few days and it’s been kind of crappy. I’m staying in the city center, which is boring and devoid of life. Except for crackheads and mall shoppers. The nearest “neighborhood” is the Inner Harbor which is mostly a pretty shopping mall. Starbuck’s is the best coffee option and I’m going nuts without a good espresso.

I did the touristy thing and ate the crabs that you smash with a hammer.



I thought I liked crabs but this shit was way too much work. I ordered six crabs (list price: $24, no side dishes) but for some reason I got 12 small ones? I “ate” 10 of them before finally admitting that I was over it, and I felt like I hadn’t even eaten anything! No lie, I got a burger at Five Guys afterwards. I can’t believe I spent over $30 on a random dinner of crabs and fast food. I’ve eaten seafood every day so far, so I will have to do some mercury detoxing when I go home.

Even though it’s mega corporate on the harbor, it sure is beautiful for running. The pedestrian path along the harbor got me around 4 miles round trip.


Water and blue skies all around. This has been the best part of my stay so far.

When I travel, food is my number one priority but the food nearby is all chains and crappy stuff. I haven’t eaten anything memorable so far, which is a shame. The good restaurants are all in neighborhoods that are a few miles away. Unfortunately I am at work until 5,and the neighborhood has a lot of crazies after dark. I only have about 3 hours before I gotta be back at the hotel and do this grind all over again. Hope this weekend gets better because I can venture out and Brian will be here!


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