Hello Sunshine

I’ve had a tough time with running since after the marathon. I haven’t been able to hit any of my normal paces for “short” runs. I usually do 12:20 on my 3 mile runs and for some awful reason I’ve only been able to do 13:30, my marathon pace, before getting out of breath and heart rate shooting up to 80%. Is it the sub-30 temps? General deconditioning? Too many layers of clothes making me not aerodynamic? (Kidding)

This weekend in RI & CT was the kickoff to 5k Season. Everyone was starting up with their St Paddy’s Day races and I was sad to miss them. Then I remembered I was going somewhere warm so I dried my tears and said peace out. I ran 6 miles while I was in Charleston. I didn’t being my phone with me and I was worried about getting lost so I just stuck to the road along the water, a straight out and back.

Weather was perfect: 60 degrees and sunny. This is my “OMG I only have to wear a t-shirt & not 4 layers did clothes & gloves” face:

Starting on the stone paved sidewalks and cobblestones got a little technical.
Once I got on the dirt path and then along the sea wall it was smooth sailing.
Living in RI, I am lucky that running along the water is part of my regular route (brag). However, this never gets old:
Winter needs to hurry up and GTFO.


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