Fat Tuesday

Even though I live in Rhode Island and I am not even Catholic, my husband and I met while in school at Tulane so we try to do a little Mardi Gras every year. This year, I had a few coworkers with New Orleans roots so we had an office-wide Mardi Gras party. This was the only festive thing I could find to wear:


There were treats. Lots of treats. I made pralines which came out amazing.


There was also king cake (from Whole Foods! Who knew?), Gooey Bars, and some weaksauce jambalaya. But I ate it all. Plus a slice of crappy pizza, because we are in Rhode Island after all. I have been binging way too much lately and my stomach didn’t feel so good after eating so much sugar in the span of like 3 hours.

For dinner, I made jambalaya as planned. Emeril’s is the best recipe for jambalaya. I’ve made it many times and everyone approves. Tip: I always make it with wayyyy less meat than it calls for. Like half or even less. Since I had already inhaled all of that bad stuff, I made myself a cauliflower-rice version. Two pots going at once:

Making two versions of the same recipe took a lot of coordination, timing, and a million more dishes to wash. I’m usually alright with subbing cauliflower for rice but this was one dish where I was really, really missing the rice. It was just too mushy:

Random side story: The bowl on my food processor broke. It turns out my only choices are to pay $65 !!! for a replacement bowl + cover or $90 for a whole new food processor. $65 for a plastic bowl?! I am so annoyed by this.

A couple of weeks ago we made Red Beans with cauliflower rice and it went together well:

Mardi Gras should be a national thing. Put it on your calendar for next year.

My heart is a yankee but my stomach must be a Southerner. I’m going down to Charleston this weekend where the southern food glutton-fest will continue. I hope i can keep my waistline under control.


2 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday

  1. I’m originally from Connecticut and now live about two hours from Charleston. Southern food is definitely tough! Here they make something called Chicken Bog, which is basically like a gumbo with rice, chicken, and smoked sausage. I made a healthy-ish version once with spaghetti squash, but you’re right, it got pretty mushy.

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