One week of lunches

I finally did it! I went a whole week without buying lunch. During my lunch blitz I made it a point to use pieces in my lunch box collection so I documented a weeks’ worth of lunches and my lunch containers. Packing food for a work day is hard, especially when you are trying to eat healthy because low calorie foods = high volume. When I’m really in diet mode, I sometimes feel like I need one of those construction worker coolers. I also have a little collection of Japanese style bento boxes but I don’t use them too much. They are very small so while they would work for lunch, I’d need to probably pack two to get my breakfast and snacks in.

My sis got me this new thing called a Fitportions plate. I saw it online and wanted it, so my first impression was… this thing is small. It is very shallow and I thought I wouldn’t be able to fit much food in it. I’m not sure what they mean by “research backed, dietitian approved, blue plate” but I dunno, it’s a plate. It’s divided into three sections but the diet guide that came with it didn’t quite match up so I kinda just threw the guide away. I was actually able to fit a decent amount of food in it:

On the first day, I made a wrap with chicken, greens, and provolone. I shoved in a sliced pear to go with it. For breakfast, I packed cabbage and eggs into the smaller cups. With breakfast and lunch taken care of, I threw a yogurt in my bag for snack.


One thing that concerned me was it’s hard to keep the plate horizontal if you’re commuting. Since I didn’t have anything liquid-y, I was fine with putting it into my messenger bag standing up. The plate has a domed lid and since my wrap was a little bit squished down by the lid, the cabbage didn’t move around.

Keep going for more pictures…

The next day was the same wrap sandwich plus veggies & hummus, then 2 egg muffins for breakfast (I squeezed another one in after the pic). I put a piece of lettuce over the hummus to help keep it contained too. Again, this went into my messenger bag vertically and everything stayed in place.


Then I switched it up and used my Fit ‘n Fresh box. This was also a cheap buy at the grocery store. I like it when I need to pack a lot of food, and it fits in my messenger bag pretty well. Sidenote – their website has tons of fun looking lunch boxes. Must resist!

You are supposed to put your sandwich in the bottom of the container. I put a wrap, this time it was chicken, pea greens, and sliced pear. Yummy new combo. I also put my breakfast of egg muffins.

The ice pack goes on top of that. Then the top layer holds two containers where I put yogurt w/flax seed, then veggies & hummus.lunchweek_3

During the middle of the week I was in a rush, so I just grabbed a big bowl and threw together a salad with leftovers from the fridge. We made veggie sushi for dinner the night before so I had extra veggies already cut up. It turned out really well: lettuce and pea greens, chicken, cucumbers, bell pepper, pears, blue cheese.

And finally, another lunch container I really like is this one by Tupperware. In this stack, the bottom container had dinner leftovers (chicken, roasted veggies). Middle container had overnight oatmeal that I prepped, with a spoonful of plum jam. I couldn’t find my third container so I just stacked egg muffins on top.


I really like the size of the individual containers – not too big, not too small. I think each of those containers holds around 1.5 cups. There is another size container it came with that is half the size. It all zips into this insulated bag like this:


This setup is great because it fits into my messenger bag and stays vertical. Plus since it’s Tupperware brand, the containers don’t leak.

My lunch blitz lasted one week + 2 days into the next week and then I slid back into bad habits. I didn’t think I bought lunch that often but seeing how hard it was to go an entire week, I guess I’m probably buying lunch 2 days a week. On the bright side, I successfully quit buying breakfast and haven’t done so in months. This was my first time making a weeks’ worth of egg muffins and I loved it. Easy to do, and an easy way to get more veggies. I need to do it every week.

How often do you buy lunch during the week?


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