How to Make a Pocahontas Running Costume

pocahontas running costume

My Pocahontas costume for the marathon was comfy, practical, and accurate. I didn’t see many Pocahontas running costumes out there on the interwebs, and only saw 1 other person at the marathon in Pocahontas so here’s a quick summary of how I put the costume together. With the exception of the belt, if you have basic sewing skills you should be able to figure this out.

Reference photo:

pocahontas reference picture

Start with an oversized men’s wicking shirt. Cut off the sleeves. Put it on, the pinch and pin to measure how much you need to take it in. Take it off, turn it inside out, and sew the new side seams up.

Cut off one shoulder and trim the armholes. When it comes to the side without the strap, cut it much higher than you think it should be and trim down as needed. I cut the back piece higher than the front. This will help prevent the front from hanging too low. Try it on and pinch/pin again to make adjustments then sew again.

Cut the bottom into a triangle shape. Since it’s a running costume, I made it tunic-length instead of knee length.

Sew the fringe on the front of the dress and along the bottom hem. I started by using an old white t-shirt cut up into fringe, but I didn’t like how that looked. It reminded me of fringed t-shirts you buy on the beach boardwalk. I happened to see this fringe at the fabric store and thought it would be much better, even though it’s slightly less accurate because the fringe is darker than the dress. On Pocahontas’ costume, the fringe is lighter than her dress.

Add a brown belt. You could just tie a ribbon or piece of fabric, but I thought turning it into a utility belt would be better. I originally wanted to make this belt, but the fabric of the wicking shirt wasn’t stretchy enough. Instead, I followed this tutorial for a Spibelt copy. It took me a half day to figure out this belt. I kept looking at the poor instructions and turning the fabric pieces every which way, hand basting it to see if it was right, and repeating that x 10. The result was worth it! I had a place to stash things that doesn’t interfere with the costume. Bad news: the elastic slots for my fuel did not work out even though it seemed tight. At least I learned more about sewing construction and I can use this belt over and over.

Necklace: I was not about to have a necklace bouncing around for 26 miles. I already had this turquoise spandex in my fabric stash from making headbands, so I just sewed a tube and made it into a necklace. I figured if it bothered me at all, I could just throw it out while running. It didn’t bug me at all.
Missing piece: tattoo! I didn’t have anyone to draw on the armband tattoo but it would have been awesome.


The entire costume cost me $29 which is more than I wanted to spend but I could have made it cheaper if I had more time to shop around for materials. I guess when you consider that I can reuse the belt, the cost is more reasonable.

2 moisture wicking shirts: $18.50. JoAnn fabrics didn’t have beige or brown spandex and I didn’t want to spend the minimum required on the online fabric websites, so I just bought men’s XL moisture wick shirts on eBay in beige and brown. The beige color was called “Vegas Gold”. I only needed 1/4 yard of brown for the belt, so I overpaid by a lot.

fringe – $6. I bought 2 yards and used a coupon. I don’t know how the fringe will wash but I’m guessing it won’t be good.

elastic for belt – $2

belt buckle – $1.50 bought with a coupon

Items from my stash: zipper and blue fabric for necklace.


The costume worked out perfectly. I was cool, dry, comfy, and I had pockets! It was also neat that there weren’t many Pocahontas’ so it was original, and people could cheer for me just by yelling Go Pocahontas! I hope it works out just as well for you! Leave me a comment if you end up making a Pocahontas costume for your next runDisney race.


4 thoughts on “How to Make a Pocahontas Running Costume

  1. LOVE THIS! I’m all about making my costumes as cheap and easy as possible. I usually go to TJ Maxx/ Marshalls and look for cheap tech shirts I can cut up. Foam and Felt are also really good friends of mine, as well as the hot glue gun 🙂

    Congrats on your marathon!!

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