Race Recap: 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon, part 4: Aches and Pains

The physical effects of the marathon:

  • I’m sore but no real injuries (so far)
  • My face got suburned from being in the sun that long
  • My hands and fingers were swollen towards the end of the race
  • Toenails were all intact, no black toenails!
  • Post-race, it felt like I had a groin strain when I walked, which is a pain I have never had before. It only lasted 2 days.
  • I soaked my feet in ice water which I think helped the swelling in my feet go down. After the ice melted a little, I tried putting my legs in. I don’t think this ice water made my pain any better so I don’t think I’d try it again.
  • When I put my legs in the ice bath, I suddenly smelled like PEE. Then I remembered reading something about how your sweat can smell like ammonia and it means… something. Some internet research later suggests that it happens when your body runs out of carbs and breaks down proteins/amino acids. This information was attributed to doctors in advice columns, but I couldn’t find anything more scientific to back it up.
  • Ok, this is random and maybe TMI but I never read about it in any marathon training guidebooks and I think it’s important: My period was supposed to be the week of the marathon but I adjusted my birth control so that it would be the week before. Immediately after the marathon, I noticed I had some spotting. If I noticed anything else odd, I’d get it checked out, but for now I think it might be just due to the trauma of all that running.
  • My ankle started to hurt on the 3rd day (Wednesday). The rest of my pain was gone except for this ankle pain which is causing me to limp around.
  • Weight gain?! I weighed myself on Saturday morning (the day before the marathon) and then at home on Tuesday morning. I had GAINED over 3 lbs. What the hell? I know I did not binge enough to gain 3 lbs on food alone. I’d have to eat Thanksgiving proportions, All You Can Eat buffet proportions, 3 days in a row in order to gain that. It really freaked me out but internet searching suggests that it is common to have weight gain due to water retention because of electrolyte imbalance and as your body is trying to repair. I swear, I think even my face looks bloated. It was hard trying to figure out what to eat to fix this. Do I need more salt to correct the electrolyte imbalance? Doesn’t salt make you retain water? If I drink too much water, will it dilute my salt too much? I tried not to worry, and I tried to eat “normal” this week (no cutting calories, no low carb meals) but it is now Thursday and the scale has not budged.

So that’s it! Thats the end of my full marathon story. If you never thought you could do a marathon, I am proof that it is possible.

Actually I do have one more post about what I ate before/after, which will appear as a guest post on another website.

Hopefully I am all healed up within the next couple of days and I can start running or kickboxing again, moving onto the next “thing”. I’m excited for 5k season starting again. With the marathon out of the way I need to focus on weight loss more seriously though. Perhaps less running, more lifting.


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