Race Recap: 2014 Walt Disney World Marathon, part 1


I want to remember every detail so I’ll split it into parts. I’ll start with the day before the marathon. Pretty much everything that I planned went to pieces. Everything went wrong before and during the marathon.

My sleeping plan went to crap. I woke up 4:30 am every morning from Wednesday through Saturday to help my body adjust to the early wake-up call. However, because of things beyond my control, I never went to bed “early”. Hence, I was running on 6 hours of sleep every day which is not good for me!

We checked into the Pop Century resort. Even though it was a one category below where I stayed before, Port Orleans, the room itself was about the same. The only difference was the cheaper landscaping. I got really lucky and was put in a building that was close to the main lobby (and bus stops) while also getting a lake view. This means my room was not facing the loud, hectic swimming pool while still having a short walk to the bus. Some of those buildings were soooo far away! My sister got me this button that says “I’m Celebrating 26.2 miles!” So spesh. This way I got to talk to the other runners who were already wearing medals from other races.


Another plan that went wrong: I did too much walking the day before the marathon. On Saturday, we went to the Magic Kingdom. I was aware of trying not to walk too much, but it was kind of unavoidable. I started at the park an hour later than my family, but by 2:00 I could tell my legs and feet were already getting tired. I had to spend some of the time sitting on benches hanging out and people watching while my family went on without me. I wore my new Cinderella sneakers and found out that they look pretty cool glowing in the blacklight of the rides:


I got many compliments on them.


We had dinner reservations that night at Be Our Guest at 6:00 pm. You Disney folks know what a big deal that is. Dinner was over at 7:30 and I went straight home to the hotel but I didn’t get in until 9. I laid out all of my stuff was asleep by 10. I originally wanted to be in bed at 8! My alarm was set for 3 am. Oh and because my legs were a little tired, I put on my compression socks before I went to bed.

I woke up almost every hour and at one point I decided to take off the compression socks. As I went to remove the sock, my calf seized up into a charlie horse. I said, “Are you kidding me? This is what’s happening?” I tried “rolling” it on the side of the cold bathtub as best I could but it was still sore by the time I woke up. I’m not sure why I got the cramp because I drank a lot of water that day, judging by the “pee test”.

As I said, I was waking up every hour. Finally at 2:45 AM I allowed myself to wake up and get dressed. Random things that went wrong: I forgot to drink water when I woke up, I had to safety pin part of my dress to my bra because it was falling low, my hair elastic broke before I even left, I forgot to put Body Glide on my feet, I almost forgot to put moleskine on my toes but remembered right before leaving the door. Anyway, here is the “before” picture of my costume:
Finally, I was out of time and it was 3:30, time to be out the door. I didn’t bring any money and didn’t leave myself enough time to stop for coffee (or water)
To be continued…

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