Marathon: 24 hours to go

I’m in Orlando and my marathon is less than 24 hours away!

Things I have done so far:
– waking up at 4:30 am every morning to adjust my body to that 2:30AM wake up call. I’ve been spending my mornings at Starbucks so I don’t wake my family.
– drinking tons of water
– not drinking any alcohol (I really wanted wine last night!)
– ran my final run of 3 easy miles. I almost wish it was longer because I found this neat gravel trail very close to my grandparents’ house. I pretended I was in the Caribbean with that “tropical” greenery. It was also cool in that shade.
– Watched my niece run 1 mile in the kids’ race:
She was SO proud of herself, which is why she insisted on being in my banner picture above. My sister and I told her if she finished the race, we would take her to Disney World so the first thing she said to me when she came off the course was “I GET TO GO TO DISNEY NOW”
– Waited nearly 4 hrs to spend $525 at the New Balance booth. They had a reservation system to buy sneakers where you sign up and wait to get a text when its your turn. I checked in around 11:30 am. We did the kids race thing, picked up all of my race stuff, did everything at the expo, and I still had an hour of sitting around doing nothing. My wait was actually longer but the guy let me and some cute young ladies go in, probably at least a half hour before our actual turn. I was so cranky and tired by then!

Today I’m going to the Magic Kingdom. I’m glad to have that distraction because I am incredibly nervous now. Plus, the anxiety combined with heat + Florida water (I swear) is making my face break out. And that stresses me even more. I basically feel like I’m about to spontaneously combust from all of this nervousness.


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