It’s go time!

I’m leaving for Florida today!

On Sunday, I did my final long-ish run of 7 miles on the treadmill. Even though I hate the treadmill/dreadmill, I was zoned out, relaxed, and felt like I could have done another 7 miles. Weird! It must have been the lack of pressure knowing that all of the “hay is in the barn”, that I don’t have to hit any times or goals for this week’s run.

Though I was secretly hoping for 5:45 (Pam Anderson finished NYC in 5:41), I’m not so sure about my time goal. I know that I will finish, I just have to let go of that pressure.

As I was packing, I started to think choosing a destination marathon for my first was a bad idea. I have so much anxiety now!

Here is a cool tip I learned somewhere on the internetz. I put all of my race day clothes into a ziploc bag. That way I won’t have to rummage for the pieces or worry that something will fall on the floor and I’ll lose it. Then, the bag can also be used to hold ice after the race! I put everything in there including underwear, socks, hair ties, compression socks for afterwards, band-aids, and prescription Naproxen. The only thing missing is the Body Glide, which is in my liquids/gels bag.


I also had to pack up my race fuel and then I threw in some additional stuff. Seeing it all laid out like this makes me feel like I’m some extreme dude bodybuilder. I’m not, in case you couldn’t tell. The extra protein bars and protein shakes are to help me not binge on unhealthy foods before the marathon.01082014_3

I’m getting out of town not a moment too soon. It has been ridiculously cold, like today’s high is 15.

Wish me luck! Catch ya later.


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