Revealed: The 2014 New Balance runDisney Sneakers

Revealed: The 2014 New Balance runDisney Sneakers

Photo Source: Twitter user @goobermonkey78 /

Are THESE the 2014 runDisney shoes by New Balance? New Balance and runDisney have been keeping the 2014 design under wraps, intending to do the big reveal when Marathon Weekend begins in 9 days. They even blurred out the mock-ups and designs in the teaser videos. I wonder where that screengrab came from and who

I want them in all their ridiculousness but hesitating on the price. I thought I would be able to pay for them with Disney Gift Cards which would give me 14% off but it looks like they are selling them at the New Balance booth, not the Disney stores.

  • The Cinderella and Goofy 890v4 shoes are $120
  • The Mickey & Minnie 860v4 shoes are $125
  • The kids’ shoes (same versions as adults) are $75

Anyway, what do you think? I think they are an improvement on last year’s red and yellow color schemes.

*edited to add* The official announcement is now up


3 thoughts on “Revealed: The 2014 New Balance runDisney Sneakers

  1. I’m sure the New Balance booth will be extremely busy during the expo. Apparently, NB will be producing enough pairs of shoes this time around, so there’s not the big shortage from last year( apparently sold out within hours at the expo). I heard there is also a two pair per person limit. I’ll take a look but I’m not sure if I’ll buy. I’m partial to Saucony, but the Goofy shoes sure look great (I don’t care that they are guys shoes).

  2. Cute! I call the pink ones =) I’m not sure about the price though! $125?! Sheesh. Well, in continuing in over-pricing anything Disney, these are cute, but I think I would buy Nike instead, :/

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