Marathon training: final run

On Sunday, I set out to my final long run for marathon training. The goal was to get in 23 miles, and I felt so lucky that the weather was a freakish 65 degrees that day. It should have been perfect but it was a big flop.

Short version: I just couldn’t get into it and only jogged 16 miles then completely walked the last 4.

Long version: I didn’t map out my route beforehand, which I did the last few times. I don’t follow/ remember the route exactly but it helps me determine a general direction. So as I set out to run, not only was it just one of “those days” where I was mentally not able to get into it, I encountered a lot of hills early in the route. At one point, I decided I wanted to get to a certain area, so I walked up a very steep hill. I kept slogging along, mentally frustrated and annoyed that I couldn’t zone out, and then at around 15 miles my ankles and feet started to hurt. That was new to me At that point, I was just defeated. Every runner has those days where they can’t seem to move and this was my day. I walked to make it an even 20.

New things I tried, in addition to new route:
– lighter carb loading in the days prior
– more water in the days prior
– eggs & rice for breakfast
– wore compression socks during the run

Food eaten during the run:
– 1 Feed Zone cinnamon roll, 100 calories
– 1 serving of “Energems“, 45 calories – Got these as a sample. It’s supposedly the equivalent of a cup of coffee or an energy drink. I am trying to minimize this crappy stuff but I was desperate for a boost.
– Water + 25 oz of Nuun

In the days following, I was really beating myself up over it. I really wanted to do 23 miles to lesson the pain of the final 6 miles which everyone says is the hardest. I was also mad that I wanted to finish on a high note. I didn’t like going into the marathon knowing that my last session was a big fail. I don’t like being tripped up this late in the game. Today, I suppose I’m over it. I’m disappointed but not as angry. All I can do now is get my game face on and look ahead. It’s more important for me to get optimistic and psych myself up than to dwell on the bad stuff.

I just got the pieces for my costume so I have some more work to do. In less than two weeks (it was 2 weeks from Christmas) I will be getting on the plane for Florida!


5 thoughts on “Marathon training: final run

  1. I’ve never run a marathon, but I have had more than my fair share of “bad runs”, especially leading up to the race. Maybe it was your body’s way of telling you that it needs a little extra race. I’m excited for you and I’m sure you’ve trained hard and will rock it! Good luck!!

    • As far as the energy goes, I don’t think it was anything specific. From what other runners have told me, off days just happen. With the ankle pain, I hope it was from the extra hilly start I had. thanks for the luck! I’ll need it

  2. Don’t beat yourself up to much about not getting in the full 23. You made it to 20 so you are ready to go. Rest up, eat right, and do some light runs based on your schedule. You can totally do this. Your Dad would be so proud. :). Pochahontas here you come!

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