Feed Zone Portables – Cinnamon Rolls

I made another recipe from the The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes. In case you missed it, this cookbook specializes in making real, wholesome energy-dense foods to replace things like gummies and gu that athletes use during long physical training. It’s written with cyclists in mind but I’ve been trying it out for marathon training.
Last month, I made the recipe for Cinnamon Roll Bites and I’ve been using these regularly on runs longer than an hour. There is also a variation for Pizza Roll Bites (!!) which I really need to make soon. The recipe was very easy to make, which is true for almost all of the Feed Zone recipes. Some reviewers complain that the recipes hardly even count as “recipes” because they are so simply but the book is so valuable. I would never have thought to put some of these things together and use them for nourishment. For example, a “rice sandwich” with jelly in the middle is barely a recipe, but have you seen it anywhere else? No. These writers are so smart!
As I was saying, the cinnamon bites are simple. Dough, cinnamon, salt, and sugar.
 Each bite contains approx 100 calories, about the same calories as a gel pack There are about 16g of carb in a cinnamon bite (according to the book) compared to 24g carb in the strawberry Clif Shot gel. As you can see, it takes up barely more space than a gel would. They freeze just fine. I wrapped them up in packs of two and pull a pack out of the freezer as needed. When I make them again, I will cut the recipe in half because it is taking forever to finish this batch.


I tried one fresh and still warm from the oven. In this context, the flavor was mild and not very exciting. When I ate them mid-run however, they amount of flavor was just right. I appreciated that they were not sugary sweet. It didn’t leave my palate feeling all icky like the corn-syrup based gels. It went down just fine with a gulp of water. During my 17 mile run, I only ate one cinnamon roll in addition to one rice ball. During my 20-miler, I ate three. I’ve also taken just one right before an evening workout when my energy felt a little low. They aren’t moist and buttery like a true cinnamon bun, however it doesn’t sit in your gut like a real cinnamon bun either! The texture is like a piece of bread. I preferred the familiar texture of the bread more than the cold rice in the rice balls I made earlier.
I didn’t get the surge and subsequent crash of energy that I used to get when taking gel or Clif Shot Blocks. Instead, my energy level stayed constant. Because I didn’t have the sugar crash, I didn’t feel like I needed another gel jus to help recover from the last one! I only had three (300 calories) for a 20 mile run. And true to their promise, I had no trouble digesting it.
The cinnamon bites are indeed a success, though I want to try out more of the gluten-free portable recipes. I always rolled my eyes at people who were all “wheat is bad! go gluten-free” when they did not have Celiac’s disease, however I noticed that I really do feel better when I carb up without the use of wheat products.
There is actually a prequel to Feed Zone Portables. It’s
The Feed Zone Cookbook: Fast and Flavorful Food for Athletes. The authors draw on their history of feeding Olympic and champion athletes (yes, including Lance Armstrong) to guide you on eating well before, during, and after endurance events. The publishers were nice enough to send me a copy for review, so I’ll be cooking up some of the recipes this week in preparation for my 23 mile run! The running goddess is looking out for me because the high temp this weekend is supposed to be over 40. Hallelujah.

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