Eating Around Vegas

I slacked off the remainder of last week because I was just so tired. Three hotels and three time zones in six days wore me out more than I expected. I forgot to mention that one of my nights at the Aria was free thanks to playing this silly game on Facebook called myVegas. You play a game to collect points and the points can be redeemed for free stuff in Las Vegas. I never spent any money to play the game.

Anyway, here are the pictures I didn’t get to.

We left Boise on a 6 am flight. As soon as we got checked into the hotel, we ran over to The Venetian to have breakfast at Bouchon. I’m a food/chef groupie, so I always get excited about eating at celebrity chef restaurants.



I love looking at all of the fake countries and ridiculously large sets.

After a long nap, I used a groupon for dinner at the Sugar Factory. The food was nothing notable (I had salmon with asparagus) but we had a front row view of the Bellagio fountains. Priceless.


We got to spend some time in “Downtown” Vegas. I love all of the retro neon signs. We don’t have that out here in New England.





I went to the whole “Fremont Street Experience” one night a couple of years ago, but even in 2 years the downtown has changed a lot. Just one block away from the Fremont stuff has cleaned up a lot, and locals actually hang out there. I went to a coffee shop that was attached to some art galleries but it was too early for any of them to be open. Boo.


There was a Zine Library!


We visited the Container Park, which is a brand spanking new complex that is what it sounds like: A park with buildings made out of shipping containers. This was the highlight of my trip because Brian and I have this fantasy about building a house out of shipping containers. We think it would be the coolest thing ever, and this the second time we’ve ever been in shipping container buildings.


Tiny independent shops, galleries, and restaurants were built into the outer containers. The middle courtyard was an urban park with a playground and concert stage.


Then across the street from the container park was a project in the works. I don’t know if you can tell, but this is an entire lot full of Airstream trailers. I think the only thing that can complete with the alt-cool of containers would be Airstreams. I can’t wait to see how that turns out. Another excuse to return.


Later on, lunch at Holstein’s, one of my regular stops. I had a fun meatball burger with spinach, pesto, and cheese.


Dinner at Comme Ca, another celeb chef joint.


I saw Zumanity, my first Cirque show and first Vegas show ever. I got a free ticket through MyVegas and we were in the 3rd row! I was warned that it was very racy and sexy so it was hilarious seeing leave during the pre-show (sex toys were flying around). I’ve been to many burlesque shows so I just figured it would be pasties and electrical tape over the boobs, but it was indeed full topless. You know what? I also appreciated that all of the boobies were natural. The performers sometimes wore these body stocking suits to make it look like they were totally nude, but they would also wear a merkin thong which I found amusing. Sorry that I don’t have any pictures of that adventure.

This pizza place, five50, was advertised as a James Beard Award-winning chef doing “East Coast style pizza”. I am a pizza fanatic so I had to see what that was all about.


It was too crisp and too flat. It needed to be a little chewier and bubblier to be more East Coast. Sorry bro.

On the final morning, a nutella brioche.


After breakfast, we had to pack up all of our stuff and I was so happy to leave for home. I actually brought an extra duffel bag specifically for shopping which we filled up with our hauls, including this adorable dress:

Kate Spade Rissa Dress

Kate Spade Rissa Dress

For the plane ride home, I wore a new shirt that I picked up in Idaho. I can’t seem to find the button to flip the photo, but it says “spud”.


I lost $20 betting on red as we checked out of the hotel but I say I made it back in karma. As we were loading our bags into the airport shuttle, Brian realized he left his messenger bag in the room. He got it back unscathed and we made it to the airport on time.

I’m happy to be home now, trying to get back into the routine although December is just… December. Always hectic. I think I won’t have a free, chill weekend until after my marathon. Just around the corner yet in that context it seems so far away.


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