That time I almost fainted at the hotel gym

So, I almost fainted on a treadmill this morning.
I’ve been battling a cold ever since I got on the plane. And since its the holiday and I’m on vacation, I haven’t had much time to rest so that my sickness can clear up. From Boise to the country town, back to Boise, and now in Vegas. I have bags under my eyes; I’ve been exhausted and cranky like the while time.

Yesterday I kind I fell to pieces and was dead asleep by 8:00. Who does that in Las Vegas?

This morning I was awake by 6am. I was annoyed that hadn’t run at all this trip so I decided to try the hotel gym. By the way, the Aria gym is the nicest gym I’ve ever been to. Not just the nicest hotel gym; the nicest. This was the lobby area:

I should have just hung out there. There were actually a lot of people there even though it was only 7am so I didn’t want to creep on them by taking more pictures.

Getting back to my story – I was chugging along at a very slow pace (marathon pace) but feeling good. I even said to myself “I can definitely make it 3 miles.” At exactly 1.5 miles, my towel slid onto the floor. I wanted to pick it up, so I hit the stop button. As the belt stopped, I suddenly was out of breath and coughing to catch my breath. I was really confused about that since I didn’t even feel out of breath while I was running. Maybe 10 seconds had passed since I stopped, then my hearing became muffled and everything was blurry. I was really scared and just stood there gripping the rails and thinking pleeeease don’t pass out in front of all these people. Looking back,
I probably should have sat down right there.

I was aware enough to grab my things and stumble a few steps to the stretching area and just laid flat on the floor for about 10 minutes. I tried to pass it off like “yeah i just had a hard workout so I need to rest.” Then I got up, drank a cup of water, took an ice cold wet towel (how luxurious and handy) and laid down again. Eventually I was fine enough to go back to my room and now I’m fine, just a little shell shocked.

I always read that its ok to run when you have a head cold but be careful of some of the other factors. I have never felt that sensation before and in that moment I panicked. I suspect that it was my normally low blood pressure + dehydration from flying and being sick + your blood pressure drops when you stop exercising which all came together at once. Also, I live at sea level, Vegas is 2100 feet and the hotel is a a bunch of stories up. Is that enough of an elevation change to make a difference? Hopefully this magical combo does not happen ever again and especially not during the marathon.


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