Day After Thanksgiving

Isn’t it funny how the day after Thanksgiving can be just as ritualized as T-day itself?

Whether you have to work or not, everyone does leftovers the day after. I took the leftover un-mashed potatoes and made home fries for breakfast.

And that was the extent of our leftovers cooking. The rest of the food was just eaten up as sandwiches.

The other ritual is Black Friday shopping. I am stuck in a mountain resort town with no big stores in sight. I went into just about every store in town (like 10 stores) and their idea of Black Friday was 10% off. I’m not exxagerating! I only bought a skein of yarn, and it was not even in sale at all.

If you are opening your store, at least give me that stupid 10% off. I was stuck with online shopping which is annoying to so with only a phone/tablet. I bought a Kate Spade bag from the “surprise sale”. Then I had the free Groupon bucks so I used it to buy Pro Compression calf sleeves. And that was it. I wanted to buy an external hard drive but I didn’t have the energy to comparison shop using my phone or kindle. I might regret that later when I need that hard drive.

Did you make anything good with your leftovers? Did you get a good deal on Black Friday?


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