Makeup Haul Part 1: Bare Minerals

Back in January, I told myself that any new makeup I bought had to fall into the green/natural/non-toxic category. I’ve gone almost all year and doing really well… until now. I went to Bare Escentuals for a free birthday makeover and walked out with just a couple of things, and then they kept giving me free gifts.

The makeup artist used this Well-Rested Face and Eye Brightener on my undereye circles and I really liked it, and the price wasn’t bad ($22) so I bought it. It’s nice because I can also use it as a highlighter on other areas. The formula feels weightless and the shimmer factor is subtle. This must be the poor woman’s YSL Touche Eclat.


A week later, Bare Minerals had a promotion where you could choose an eyeshadow of any color, so I chose Cerveza, a gold color with a slightly rose hue. Actually I think it reminds me of tequila.

A few days after that trip, I got the email saying I get a birthday gift (free eyeshadow) so I took a quick trip to the store. While I was there, I picked up my free shadow in Queen Phyllis – I didn’t get to choose this color. It’s a champagne color and reminds me of taffeta wedding gowns.

I also bought this Pink Persuasion kit ($19) that day. It’s mini sized but I prefer that because I can never use up makeup before it expires anyway. The bright pink blush is new for me since I usually wear mocha-pink blushes.



And then they gave me a free mini Mineral Veil compact. I’ll probably give that to my mom.


Are you keeping count? I bought two products and ended up with three free gifts!

Next I’ll show you the makeup I ordered from Sephora which includes even more bareMinerals stuff.


One thought on “Makeup Haul Part 1: Bare Minerals

  1. Wow! What a great haul even after only buying two things! I love how you called BE Well Rested a poor woman’s YSL Touche Eclat! LOL! You’re so funny!
    I think they did a great job making it a liquid as oppose to the powder it was. That pink blush looks sooooo pretty! You must do you post with your products on! =)

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