Weeknight Date Night

On Tuesday I went to manicure & martini night by myself, so last night Brian and I had a cheap date night for both of us. A local store was doing a blind taste test of Pappy Van Winkle vs Colonel Taylor. We showed up 45 minutes before starting time to line up, and we were about 10th in line.  Pappy van Winkle is the most sought after whisky/bourbon in the country right now so eventually the line wrapped around the store. I brought along my knitting to keep occupied:

A band played and there were oysters while we waited. Despite my recovering upset stomach, I took the risk and ate two.
The tasting got underway, but it was so nuts and so crowded that I couldn’t take any pictures of the most important parts. Each person got two tiny shot glasses, so I had to juggle holding my purse and two cups, plus trying to get my water out to drink between tastes. We also had to put our tickets in a bucket to vote for which one we thought was the Pappy. I guessed correctly! It was obvious which was “better”. After the first round, there was a 2nd tasting of Blanton’s and I think a different EH Taylor? All I remember is I did not like the Blanton’s at all.
After boozing up, we had ramen for dinner. Mine was a spicy broth with ground pork, bamboo,  egg, and mushrooms.
My stomach is still not 100%, but seaweed broth cures everything.  Oh and my grandpa says that cognac is good is for indigestion. I wonder if whisky is close enough?
Completely random rant: I hate how now that I’m older, I can’t have a headache, get a stomach bug, or turn down a drink without someone wondering if I’m pregnant. It’s enraging.

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