How to fake a weight loss transformation pic

This link is kind of old but it’s new to me: blogger Mel V shows how she was able to fake a weight loss transformation picture. All she did was change her pose, wear a black swimsuit bottom, and add self tanner. Bam. She looks 15 lbs lighter, even though I’d still kill to look like the “before”.

Within that post is a link to another article where a man does the same thing and his results are even more surprising. In this case, he already had a cut body but he purposely looked disheveled and pushed his stomach out to look worse in the “before” picture. This way, anyone who already has a good body can endorse a product and be like “look what it did for me!”

I guess we get two lessons here: that you can’t always believe some peoples’ progress pics, especially when someone is going from “sorta thin” to “wow”. Second lesson is how to look your skinniest in a mirror selfie?


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