New Balance and runDisney 2014 sneakers

Earlier this week, New Balance released a teaser video of their 2014 Disney shoe. The shoe you see in the video below was the 2013 model, which sold out within hours way back in January.

The teaser video doesn’t show much about the 2014 shoe but we can see that it will be PINK. I’m 90% sure I’m going to buy them. As cray as last year’s Minnie Mouse sneakers were, I would’ve bought them if I had the chance. I love costumes, polka dots, and ridiculous shoes. More importantly though, those are actually the same model of sneaker that I wear. The 860 shoe made for pronators, and I am on my second pair.  Obviously I will eventually need a third pair.

I won’t get to the expo until the afternoon on the very last day. You’d better save me a pair, Minnie.

Training update

On Tuesday evening my stomach felt terrible and it continued into Wednesday. All day long, I felt like I might be sick. I actually thought I would feel better if I could just… let it out, but it never came. But I hadn’t run yet this week, and I feel like with 7 weeks to go before the marathon, I cannot afford to miss any runs. Even though I felt so awful, I came home and went out anyway. I went so slowwww and I kept burping and coming very close to vomiting. And well, I did a tiny bit. In a bush in the dog park. It was dark. You know, when you picture someone running til they puke, you imagine someone going balls out – not 13 minutes per mile. I only made it 2.5 miles and then walked another mile. The weird thing is, I didn’t regret going out. Maybe it’s true what they say, that you never really regret going out for a run.

I have to wonder why I’m doing this. Am I am a serious trainer, or am I just insane? On that note, yesterday was Hug a Runner Day. No one hugged me because no one wants to hug a pukey runner.


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