Brussels sprouts leaves

I tried a new vegetable: brussels sprouts leaves. After trimming off the baby brussel sprouts on a giant stalk, I was left with a big pile of the leaves. These too are edible.

They looked like, well, blown up leaves from the brussel sprout. I was amazed at how much came off of the plant.


I just sliced it into ribbons and cooked it down with some olive oil and a hint of garlic. It cooked faster than I expected, about the same time it takes to cook kale.


Sometimes trying new dark leafy greens can be a little bit scary, but these were great. It tasted sweet and not sulfur-y, and not bitter at all. I liked it! If you need a quick substitute for slow cooked collard greens but don’t have the time, these leaves could do the trick. I had it as a side dish one night and put the rest in veggie noodle soup the next night. If you ever buy brussels sprouts by the stalk, look for one with lots of leaves because you’ll get more veg for your buck.

Mileage Report

Last week I ran 12.5 miles and walked 6 miles. My goal last week was go 4 miles during both of my mid-week runs and I only did that once. My goal for this week is to do some ab exercises every day and then conquer 20 miles!

When was the last time you tried a new food?


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