New gear review: Oakley Continuity Bra and Extrovert Tank

Today was an exciting day in my nerd world.

  • I booked my hotel for Disney marathon weekend. It’s getting so real! I’m staying on Disney property and they’re asking me all of this stuff about making dinner and show reservations, and telling me everything will be linked on a magic bracelet I wear.  I love planning.
  • I made $50 cash in 20 minutes. After work, I had a follow-up appointment for a long term university health study about weight gain. All I had to do was answer questions about my lifestyle and get my vitals taken.
  • My man spent all day making red beans and rice and it was the best I’ve had since leaving New Orleans 8 years ago. Then he made bourbon cherry bread pudding for dessert even though I expressly told him not to do that. I can’t even deal. Someone take him away.

And finally, I came home to this kick ass prize from an Oakley contest. I got to open it as my reward for running 4 miles.


an outfit, duffle bag, Tone it Up DVD, and a few other goodies.

Other than sunglasses, I’ve never worn any Oakley gear before I was excited to try the clothes on right away. For the first layer, I received the Oakley Women’s Continuity Bra in this cute hot pink color:


Continuity Bra by Oakley

My male friends who read this should probably put on earmuffs (eye mask?) now. Got that? Ok ladies. Let’s get this out of the way: I’m busty*. I’m a DD, or probably a DDD but I can never find that size. It’s (or should I say, ‘they’re’) a problem so I hope some of you out there can relate. Based on the sizing chart on the website, I waffled between getting the medium or large. When it comes to fitness/athletic clothes, I almost always need a size large in tops. However, since it’s listed as a low impact bra, I figured tighter would hold me in better. I went with the medium.

I was surprised that it fit me really well and isn’t tight at all. Their signature fabric is lightweight, breathable, and anti-microbial. It will be really great at wicking sweat too. The seamless construction moves really well and feels great. If I did yoga, I would wear this. Actually I think that if you do bikram yoga, this bra would be perfect. I don’t do either of those things. It feels really good though. I’ll wear it on lazy days because this low impact ish isn’t doing these sweater puppies any favors.

The other top I received was the Extrovert Tank in white/pink/orange:


Extrovert Tank by Oakley

When I looked at pictures of other people wearing this top, I knew I’d have to order the large. It’s a very clingy, slim fitting tank, and I won’t even show you how awful it looks on me. It shows every problem spot, every roll. You need a sleek athletic body to work this tank. Once you have that, the top would be very flattering: the stitch pattern and slight sweetheart neckline build the illusion of having a tiny waist and buxom chest. I think the double-ribbon straps are so cute but they don’t adjust. It also has a built-in shelf bra with removable pads which is neat, if that sort of thing works for you. Which is a very small segment of the real population. The soft fabric is denser than other tech fabrics and it boasts sun protection UV+ 50, making it a great piece to wear for outdoor bootcamps or running. Just be warned that you should order one size up or have a perfectly smooth torso to pull this look off.

Thank you to Oakley and Shape Magazine for hooking it up. I’ll review the Tone it Up DVD next.

*I seriously typed that out phrasing it a few different ways in order to avoid certain keywords that would come up in a google search.


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