Birthday Weekend, part one

My birthday is this week. Usually I force everyone to make a huge deal out of “birthweek” but I’m a little more depressed this year due it being the big 3-0. Saturday I started the celebration with buffalo wings. Wings are probably my #3 favorite food. (#1: mashed potatoes. #2: pizza). That’s convenient because where my mom lives in Connecticut, the restaurant options are terrible and sometimes Buffalo Wild Wings is the only option. Then I hit up the New England Fiber Festival as one of my yearly birthday outings. I poked at some alpacas, llamas, and angora rabbits and squeezed a lot of yarn. I only brought home a little bit of yarn but it was special stuff. The folks at Ross Farm had a booth and I found out that they are a farm that specializes in heritage breed sheep – some of their breeds are even endangered. They are like the Seed Savers of sheep! Slap the words “heritage”, “rare”, and “sustainable” on anything and I’m all about it.





On Sunday, I did a good 6 mile run. I ran in the morning without eating breakfast and no fuel during the run. Surprisingly I did not end up in a pile of mush 3/4 of the way through. I had always followed the conventional advice of “eat breakfast before you exercise” but I wanted to test the waters on conditioning my body to burn fat when running. I was still ravenous at the end of the workout but I don’t know how much of that could be mental.

After the run, I got a lesson on how to make egg rolls. Because I totally need to learn to cook deep-fried foods right?  I said to Brian, “Maybe I can bake them.” You should have seen the look he gave me. My helper did a great job:

makingeggrollsI learned that you can put taro in them if you want, and that taro is poisonous when raw. It made me wonder how a person says “Let’s take this poisonous thing and cook it, and mmmmaybe it won’t be poisonous anymore.” Not only is it bad when ingested, it also can irritate your skin when you are preparing it. Again, it makes me wonder who thought to try eating this. I’m just glad that I learned this information before ever trying to use taro on my own. And now you know.

Workout goal for the week

Mileage last week was lower than I wanted because I missed a workout on Halloween: 18 miles total; 12 miles running and 6 miles walking. This week is a long run week. Other than my primary goal of a 17 mile long run, my workout goal is to do a 4 mile mid-week run. My weekday runs are no longer than 3 miles and I want to increase that to 4 miles consistently. I have been averaging 18 miles a week (including walking) on my non-long run weeks, and I want to increase but I’m not sure by how much. Maybe 20?


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