Speed: is it worth it?

The other day I made pizza in a cast iron skillet:

Using the cast iron makes me feel all cool and old-timey. I also get to feel all accomplished when I can manage to use it without the food turning into a sticky burnt-on mess.

Sadly that pizza was healthified and lacking in flavor but any pizza is better than no pizza.

I’ve been making some good progress with my running group. Last week I ran 2 miles without stopping, at a pace only 10 secs slower than my 5k PR pace.

For yesterday’s solo run, I decided to just run as much as I could without walking. I did 3 miles and only walked twice for exactly 1 minute each time. In the end, my overall pace was really slow – closer to my half marathon pace. It felt like I was working really hard but it shouldn’t have been hard at that pace and distance.

My question then: If I can do intervals of 2 minutes/walk 1 min and achieve faster times than running continuously, should I keep trying to run continuously?

Every time I try to run without walking, I see my times and I give up. Maybe I’m not giving it enough of a chance? If I practice more, would I get faster and catch up to my run/walk time?

I know the correct answer is: do what matters to you, focus on your own goals. My goal is just to the the mileage done and make it to the finish line. I’m just curious about what other people might do in this situation.


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