Help fix my bad running form

I got back my race photos and all I can focus on is how awkward my legs look. My right leg seems to be doing some weird rotations. It looks awful! See how my right foot turns into a duck foot and kicks out to the side?

badrunningform1 badrunningform2

badrunningform4 badrunningform5

(Let’s ignore my my fat spandex-clad thighs)

I looked through photos from the past two races and it is slightly noticeable but not as bad as it was here. Curiously, almost every race photo I could dig up showed my right leg in the air. There were only two that showed my left leg moving. From what I see it isn’t as bad as on my right.

badrunningform3 badform6

Shown from behind, and to prove that I am not always heel-striking:


I know that my right leg is longer than my left leg because that hip sits higher. I just looked at the wear pattern on my shoes, and the right shoes are more significantly worn down (smoother treads) than the left. I also have flat feet, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I’m kind of freaking out about how weird this is. What does it all mean??

After doing some panicky research, the non-surgical solution might be to strengthen my glutes & butt. In the meantime, I don’t know what else to research or who to ask. What kind of a professional would fix this? Physical therapist/podiatrist/chiropractor? Should I just leave it alone if it’s not causing any problems? Should I switch shoes? I am already wearing a heavy duty motion-control shoe.

If anyone has any insights, I’m begging for your feedback.


One thought on “Help fix my bad running form

  1. Try going to marathon sports. They’ll do a gait analysis. You can also look for running clinics/coaches. There’s a guy in Quincy market who does it. He’s native american, won the boston marathon in the 70s… I think his name is Bill something or other. Anyway, i’m too lazy to look it up.

    I’m not an expert but it looks like you’re kind of doing this side shuffle thing, where instead of moving your feet back in a straight line your’e moving them sort of diagonally because it’s easier than pulling your legs straight back. Maybe some heel kicks and high knees would help? Just do drills where you run for a block with high knees and then run for a block where your heels kick your butt.

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