Mileage Count

Now that I am truly in marathon training – gahhhh it still terrifies me to say that! – I feel like it might be more important to keep a log of my miles. I am following a training plan – Jeff Galloway’s official runDisney training plan but one day a week I’m doing the speed workouts from FIRST.

I am also doing more purposeful walking, which is my attempt at speedwalking. I’ve only been at it for two weeks and already I feel like it’s getting easier. The first week, it felt like a struggle to keep a pace under 16:00 min/mile but now I’m averaging 15:00-15:30 without struggling. I know the measly 2 mile walks won’t put much of a dent in either weight loss or marathon training but I figure every step helps.

Here is my tally for last week:

Monday – rest
Tuesday – 3 mi walk, 2.5 mi run
Wednesday – Thought about going to kickboxing. Instead, I drank a lot of whisky.
Thursday – 2 mi walk and 4 mi run during a track workout: 3 x 1600m with 400m rest. I felt great!
Friday – 3 mi walking.
Sunday – 3 mi run. I wanted to run 4-6 mi but my engine wouldn’t start for some reason. I stopped the clock at 3 miles and strolled another half mile. Too bad because the weather and scenery were perfect.

Total of 17 miles: 9.5 miles running, 8 miles of speedwalking. I need a widget for this.

Out of my three workouts, only one felt like a win. My goal for next week is to go to one kickboxing class, and I have to tackle that 15 mile long run.


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