Weekly Eats

It’s Thursday and for the first time in 20 weeks, I didn’t have a farm share pickup to show you. It feels weird and I’m sure you’re totally missing pictures of my vegetables on the counter.

I feel like I cooked a lot over the last few days because I spent a ton of time at home, but it turns out I didn’t have many pictures.

I made an apple cake. It was super easy. I ate a little bit of it for breakfast before the half marathon. If you’re the type of person that needs to justify eating cake for breakfast, that’s pretty much the best reason.


By the way, I recently found out how almond croissants are made. My cellulite cried; my tastebuds had a funeral knowing they would never eat it again. Here is the short version: You take a croissant. Then you dry it out and soak it in simple syrup (sugar syrup) to until it rehydrates. Then you fill it with a paste of almonds, butter, and sugar. And chocolate. And top it with more sugar, almonds, and chocolate. I can’t. It’s too painful.

On the evening after the big race, I was in the mood for more pasta. I wanted pumpkin ravioli but didn’t want to pay the price. The Italian market nearby sells freshly made pumpkin ravioli for $7 a dozen, which is like 1.5 servings of ravioli. Or 1 serving, if you had burned 1500 calories by running 13.1 miles. Just saying.

I spent $5 on the pumpkin and wonton wraps and got about 3 dozen raviolis. The process was very simple, but certainly not fast. I wouldn’t say it tastes exactly the same either. The wonton wrap does not have the chewy toothiness that real pasta has. This is the recipe I followed – btw, check out that serving size of 4 raviolis. Get real.


It was dressed with a sage bechamel sauce and a side of rainbow chard.

On Monday I made a chile relleno “casserole” using the poblanos I had collected from the farmshare. I also made a sauce of roasted tomatillos that had built up from previous weeks. I served it with skillet cornbread, but it was from a Trader Joe’s box mix because neither Target or Trader Joe’s sold cornmeal and I was not going to a third store. Back to the story though, if you’ve never made cornbread in a cast iron skillet, you are missing out. This was dinner two nights.


Tonight I made the eggplant moussaka again. Argh. It was a huge casserole and about 4 dinners’ worth. Please can we be done with the eggplant?


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