Post-Race Catch Up

I am still riding that post-race high. The compression stockings lived up to their hype. My legs felt so refreshed and I didn’t even have to take an ice bath. I felt like I couldn’t stop eating for the rest of the day. I must have needed to replace salt because Brian and I pretty much ate a whole bag of tortilla chips. When I was settling in to bed, I started thinking about wanting pancakes. Let me tell you, I don’t like pancakes! I can’t even remember ever in my life requesting pancakes. I waited til morning and then made pancakes. I used this recipe, and I do not recommend it. They were so flat.

The day after the race, (after pancakes) I did some “walking” in the form of shopping and errands without any pain. I still ate a lot. On Tuesday, I felt as if I were fully recovered and hadn’t run a race at all. On the way to and from work, I walked 3 miles total at a fast clip of under 15 minutes per mile. Then I headed out for running club, which squashed those high feelings. As soon as I tried to run, my body was all like “Hey, not yet.” My muscles finally let me know that they were a little fatigued. I only put in just over 2.5 miles.

The marathon schedule has me on a short run of 4 miles this weekend. Even after last night’s results, I’m feeling good and kind of anxious to go past 13 miles. I want to hurry up and attack my 15 miler right now! Hah, I wonder how long that will last.

PS – Whatever the opposite of carbo loading is, I need to do that. It was tasty while it lasted but now I just feel slow.


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