Bib Pickup for United Healthcare Newport Half Marathon

Ahh! Race weekend is starting! Friday after work, I drove down to Newport to pick up my bib for the race. It took exactly one hour to get there. and 45 seconds to pick up my stuff. We weren’t ready to get back in the car, so we chilled at the beach for a bit. We also saw the hill that begins right after the starting line.

Under other circumstances, we might have hung out and had a nicer dinner in Newport, but we’re broke. I suggested that we drive the course, but Brian wasn’t into that. So I decided to show you the cool shirt instead:


I went back to browse the expo, where I picked up Body Glide and some $10 thermal arm warmers. I’ve actually never used Body Glide before. As luck would have it,  out of 2-ish years that I’ve been running, the only time I ever had anything chafe on me was this past May during my second half marathon. My sports bra tore my back up. I’m going to try this out just as insurance.


The swag bag had good stuff in it:uhc_half_marathon1

Dried fruit mix, corn things, sample of Shave Secret, BioFreeze gel sample, mini clif bars, and a travel first-aid kid with hand sanitizer, band-aids, and antibiotic ointment. I already know that the bars, band-aids, and pain relieving gel are going into my gear check bag.

On the way home, we tried a new food truck for dinner.

newport1_4This food truck’s theme is sandwiches on pretzel bread. Pretzel bread is the trendy new thing, btw. I got a sandwich with shredded chicken, smoked gouda, tomatoes, and avocado cream.newport1_5

The pretzel bread was better than I expected. I thought it would be dense and salty, but it was actually very light and slightly sweet. The smoked gouda was the star though. Without it, this would have been very plain. After dinner, we settled in for a quiet night. Since I have to wake up so early for the race on Sunday, I’ll just to stick to my weekday sleep schedule.

Last night I once again had a dream about showing up to a race unprepared! Twice, I’ve dreamed that I went to a race and didn’t have my sneakers. In last night’s dream I had my shoes, but for some reason my outfit was all wrong and I didn’t have my Clif Bloks. This means I have to be extra diligent is preparing my clothes and gear tomorrow. Jeez, running is supposed to be healthy and fun but instead it’s causing me anxiety dreams.


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