Farmshare Week 19 – the end

This is it, folks! The final big farm share of the season. As you can see, it was beautiful:farmshare19

There was:

  • bell peppers
  • eggplants
  • turnips
  • beets
  • carrots
  • rainbow chard
  • tomatoes
  • spicy peppers

Those little red globe looking peppers are so good! I think you can get those pickled in the Italian section of the grocery store? They are so yummy stuffed and baked. They’re kind of tart but fruity and spicy.

This was the final week, so no more big hauls of veggies. Here is what I made last week.

Prepped lunches of Chinese-style glazed eggplant and chicken. This was the first time I ever made an Asian-style eggplant dish. It was a nice change. I got three days of lunches out of this.


It wasn’t very attractive so I hoped my awesome Hello Kitty bowl would distract you. By the way, this ceramic bowl has a leak-proof lid with a microwavable vent. It’s the perfect lunch container.

On Friday evening, I had to go to a wake for my coworker. I got home really late and for some reason, I wanted fried chicken. I bought some from the pre-made section of the grocery store and we ate that with frozen sweet potato fries.

For Saturday night dinner, I decided that I needed to make waffles to go with the leftover chicken. I’ve said before that waffles is one of my favorite foods but chicken and waffles is extra special. I didn’t even bother making my healthified waffles.

chicken and waffles

This was a new-to-me waffle recipe using beer and it was the bomb. Soo crisp and I didn’t have the extra step of whipping the egg whites separately.

A post-run brunch: a giant omelet with tomatoes, multicolored peppers, jalapeno, and feta.


On Sunday I emptied out the pepper drawer again and made sausage & peppers, simmered in last week’s tomatoes. I even snuck some eggplant in there.


We ate this for dinner three nights. Mister had his with pasta. This was made using the previous weeks peppers & eggplant. I now have a whole new haul of peppers and eggplant.

While I was at work today, I had Mister make chicken stock from bones & veggie scraps I saved in the freezer. We used it for this potato leek soup. On the side is sauteed chard. I like chard, but end-of-season chard is so bitter. I tend to like bitter greens, but this was a bit much. I still some more so maybe I will figure out something to make it less bitter.


What’s next?

For my second year with them, Runaway Farm and farmer Adrian were still great. If you are in Rhode Island, definitely check out Runaway Farm for your CSA needs. It’s sad to say goodbye to the peak season vegetables. I will miss the colors and tastes I brought home every week. I’ll also miss the creative challenges of cooking with whatever was thrown at me. Now the weather is getting cooler and I’ll be limited to root vegetables and greenhouse lettuces (if I’m lucky). Winter squash season will be the last hurrah.

I don’t know if I’ll sign up for a winter CSA. There aren’t very many winter offerings for CSA since it’s hard to grow stuff in the dead New England Winter. Last winter, I did a share through Farm Fresh RI which takes stuff from multiple farms and boxes it up for you. I picked up every other week at City Hall. It’s not their fault (because scarcity costs $$) but I don’t think it was worth the $25 per box. Runaway Farm was $325 for 19 weeks, which works out to $17 per box. What I got for $25 last year was probably half of what you saw here during the summer weeks. I may just take that money and spend as much as I can at the farmer’s market, which thankfully runs until January.

I will have to think of other things to share with you over the winter!


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