Training for my first marathon

Things are about to get real. Remember how I ended up with a shady sign-up for the 2014 Disney World Marathon? I think it’s safe to say I’m really registered. I’ve been afraid to talk about it or think seriously about it, on the chance that it wasn’t real. It’s been over a week: my credit card has been fully charged and I have re-requested the confirmation e-mail just about every day since then.

So it’s official. I am seriously training for a FULL MARATHON. I will be following the official training schedule, using the “experienced runners, to finish in the upright position” plan. I’m a little wary of this plan because it has you going a much longer total distance than most other plans I’ve read. It has you do 20 miles, then 23, and finally 26 miles before the race. I think that is because the overall weekly mileage is very low. In contrast, other plans have you running more miles every week but the total distance stops at 20 miles. Jeff Galloway has coached thousands of first-timers to the finish, so I have confidence in him.

I really feel like I can and will finish 26.2 miles even if I have to be the last person to cross the mat. I’m actually rather surprised at myself because I’m never this sure about myself.

Since I am a few weeks behind on runDisney’s official schedule, I had to make some adjustments. By comparing the runDisney plan with the beginner marathon schedule on Galloway’s website, I came up with this long run schedule:

October 13: Half marathon race (13.1 miles)

October 20: 5 miles

October 27: 17 miles

November 2: 6 miles

November 9: 20 miles

November 16: 6 miles

November 23: 7 miles

November 30: 23 miles

December 7: 6 miles

December 14: 7 miles

December 21: 26 miles

December 28: 6 miles

January 4: 7 miles

January 12: Marathon Day

How does that sound? Do you have alternative plan suggestions?


(PS – I had to change my layout because somewhere along the way, something got broken)


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