Conscious Box Review

I’m new to the “subscription boxes” market but the Conscious Box caught my eye. A short description of the Conscious Box states: “From snacks to household products to beauty essentials and more, every box makes it easy to experience the purest, most ethical, natural, and organic products on the planet.” Keep that description in mind when you see what I got in this box. TLDR I’m was not impressed.

conscious box review

September 2013 Conscious Box

What I received

Kids Calm Multi by Natural Vitality – It’s a liquid that your kid drinks that provide them a daily multivitamin…. and calm them down? I’m not a mom, but I’ve taken care of lots of kids and worked at a preschool, and I think this is weird.

Sleepytime Kids Herbal Tea by Celestial Seasonings – I don’t know any kids who would even drink tea. Do you?

Energy Booster pills by K Pax – I don’t understand where this fits the theme at all. I got five packets of two tablets each.

Let’s stop and recap. We have two products here designed to calm down your kids and 5 servings of energy boosters for yourself?

Natural Calm by Natural Vitality – some kind of supplement to make me calm. This is for after you’ve taken too many energy boosters?

Gastro Dietary Supplement by Erba Vita USA – Very little information about what this is supposed to do. The packet says “Just take one tablet 2-3 times per day as part of a healthy diet.”

Aquatowel – A “premium personal towel for your hands, face, and body.” Aka, a baby wipe all the way from Korea. So eco conscious.

CorrectivFacial by SKINCO – “CorrectivFacial acts as a cleanser, make-up remover, exfoliant, toner and skin rejuvenator.” This is alright, but I don’t see how it fits the “conscious” theme.

Liquid Collagen Skin Revitalization by Applied Nutrition – it’s a liquid supplement (so you drink it) and it does things for your skin. Eh.

Deer Velvet supplement – W.T.F. The package doesn’t really give a good description of what this even is. Is it a pill? A cream?  What do I do with it? did you just say it’s made from a deer? Barf.

As I was tossing some things from this box into the garbage, I mentioned the deer velvet to my husband. He told me that deer velvet is banned from professional sports leagues! Until very recently, it was banned by the FDA, PGA, and NFL. The science is sketchy, but it’s supposed to contain a substance similar to human growth hormone, which I am not interested in putting into my body on purpose.

Black Tea by Nepali Jasbirey – This is a generous sample of tea. I’ll drink it.

African Black Soap by Coastal Scents – This is cool. I haven’t tried it yet but I have always wanted to try black soap.

Compostable sandwich bag by BioBag – Self explanatory. I actually think this is neat, as I’ve never tried an eco-friendly food bag. This is more the type of product I expected from this box. As for the product itself, it feels like dog poop bags.

I wanted to make a live unboxing video, but I didn’t have the camera to do it. I wish I had because you could have seen my “wtf” faces as I looked at everything.

The usual price is $20/month, and I got this first box using a coupon code so it cost me $8. I would be pretty mad if I had paid full price. That’s on the pricier end for subscription boxes. I know they say that you’re supposed to give something more than one try before writing it off, but this is it for me. Sorry-not-sorry but I’m not about to throw down another $20 just to see if the next one might be better.

What are your favorite boxes?


2 thoughts on “Conscious Box Review

  1. “I don’t know any kids who would even drink tea. Do you?” Michael Jackson didn’t know any kids who would drink wine, until he started serving it to them and calling it “Jesus Juice”. Same principle applies here: You just have to trick your kids into thinking it’s really cool to drink. Maybe you say it’s only for adults and they can’t have any? Maybe you put a bunch of sugar in it. Or maybe you just act like it’s part of a normal bedtime routine.

    Re: the Calm multi vitamin — I bet it’s just a normal vitamin but with herbs that are supposed to make you calm, like chamomile or something. It sounds like this box is for Cartman’s mom. Medicating them with holistic medicine sounds so much nicer than putting them on prescription meds.

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