What I Wore uh, Thursday

instant minnie mouse costume

lazy Minnie Mouse costume. Sorry for the blurryness.


My office lets us come in costume, so I kept it clean and classy with this Minnie Mouse getup. I didn’t have any ears though so my sister said it was weak. Whatever; I got to wear to wear Crocs all day instead of heels.

Of course, this has noooo relation to the fact that I think about this upcoming Disney Marathon nonstop! If I don’t get a costume together for the marathon, you may see this apron again.


Speed: is it worth it?

The other day I made pizza in a cast iron skillet:

Using the cast iron makes me feel all cool and old-timey. I also get to feel all accomplished when I can manage to use it without the food turning into a sticky burnt-on mess.

Sadly that pizza was healthified and lacking in flavor but any pizza is better than no pizza.

I’ve been making some good progress with my running group. Last week I ran 2 miles without stopping, at a pace only 10 secs slower than my 5k PR pace.

For yesterday’s solo run, I decided to just run as much as I could without walking. I did 3 miles and only walked twice for exactly 1 minute each time. In the end, my overall pace was really slow – closer to my half marathon pace. It felt like I was working really hard but it shouldn’t have been hard at that pace and distance.

My question then: If I can do intervals of 2 minutes/walk 1 min and achieve faster times than running continuously, should I keep trying to run continuously?

Every time I try to run without walking, I see my times and I give up. Maybe I’m not giving it enough of a chance? If I practice more, would I get faster and catch up to my run/walk time?

I know the correct answer is: do what matters to you, focus on your own goals. My goal is just to the the mileage done and make it to the finish line. I’m just curious about what other people might do in this situation.

Review: Feed Zone Portables Cookbook and Chocolate Sea Salt Sticky Bites

When I started my half marathon training, I read about needing to fuel during the long runs, and that meant using Gatorade, gels, and gummies. This went against everything I had spent years building up to: from focusing on whole, natural, unprocessed foods to taking these completely fake engineered foods. As a chronic researcher, I read tons of books and articles about starting to run, and all of them talked about using these foods. I couldn’t find anyone who talked about natural foods during running, so I caved.

Finally, 1.5 years into my distance training, I discovered Feed Zone Portables. Dr. Allen Lim and chef Biju Thomas developed whole and wholesome recipes to replace energy bars. Even before I received my copy of the book, I was hooked on the idea. The authors primarily served pro cyclists, which is reflected in the information and recipes presented, however they do include some information for runners. One of the issues though is that eating these foods while cycling is still easier than eating on the run. I’ll keep reporting on how they hold up for running as I work my way through the book.


The Feed Zone Portables cookbook (photo source: Feed Zone Cookbook)

Keep reading for how my first recipe performed!

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Help fix my bad running form

I got back my race photos and all I can focus on is how awkward my legs look. My right leg seems to be doing some weird rotations. It looks awful! See how my right foot turns into a duck foot and kicks out to the side?

badrunningform1 badrunningform2

badrunningform4 badrunningform5

(Let’s ignore my my fat spandex-clad thighs)

I looked through photos from the past two races and it is slightly noticeable but not as bad as it was here. Curiously, almost every race photo I could dig up showed my right leg in the air. There were only two that showed my left leg moving. From what I see it isn’t as bad as on my right.

badrunningform3 badform6

Shown from behind, and to prove that I am not always heel-striking:


I know that my right leg is longer than my left leg because that hip sits higher. I just looked at the wear pattern on my shoes, and the right shoes are more significantly worn down (smoother treads) than the left. I also have flat feet, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it. I’m kind of freaking out about how weird this is. What does it all mean??

After doing some panicky research, the non-surgical solution might be to strengthen my glutes & butt. In the meantime, I don’t know what else to research or who to ask. What kind of a professional would fix this? Physical therapist/podiatrist/chiropractor? Should I just leave it alone if it’s not causing any problems? Should I switch shoes? I am already wearing a heavy duty motion-control shoe.

If anyone has any insights, I’m begging for your feedback.