Farmshare Week 17

The fun of having a farmshare is of course, the surprises. When the season started, I assumed something like July would be the peak bounty but we didn’t have a lot of hot weather. The farmer said that the tons of rain at the beginning of the season slowed the crops. Now we are at the end of September when things are supposed to slow down but we are getting the most vegetables.

farmshare week 17

Farmshare, week 17

This week, we’ve got:

  • beets
  • white eggplant
  • pattypan squash
  • chard
  • some weird, spiky, mystery herb?
  • bell peppers
  • one scotch bonnet pepper?
  • thyme
  • tomatoes
  • jalapenos

The only thing I missed this week was the lettuce mix. It was the first time all season I didn’t get lettuce!

Cooking this week seemed light because I was away for the weekend and had a lot of evening activities.

Over the weekend, I cleared out a lot of my veggie drawer by making these low-carb stuffed peppers to bring to a group dinner. I made the sauce with my tomatoes. Then I cut up three weeks’ worth of peppers that were piling up. For the filling, I mixed italian sausage, ground pork, fresh herbs, garlic, onion, more diced peppers, and shredded pattypan squash. Most recipes for stuffed peppers have you put the meat in raw, but since the meat and squash would produce water and there was no rice or bread to soak it up, I cooked everything in a saute pan first including the meat. After it cooled, drained the excess liquid, stirred in some sauce, and then added two beaten eggs to make it stick together when it baked. It worked out totally fine that way.

stuffed peppers

low carb stuffed peppers

There were so many peppers that I even had leftovers a second night.

I haven’t been feeling well, so my husband made this soup which we ate for a few days. It’s got shredded chicken but also these yummy meatballs made with pork sausage and turkey. There’s also tiny pasta in there. It’s kind of similar to an Italian wedding soup?

chicken soup

chicken and meatball soup

I love egg and cheese sandwiches. On Saturday morning, I was trapped in the house waiting on a USPS express delivery, so I made this Ultimate Egg Sandwich.  First I split open of our homemade english muffins. We didn’t have any cheese, so I did the sensible thing and heated up the last of the milk to make my own queso fresco. As the cheese cooled, I fried up the egg from my friend Anne’s chickens. And you can’t have an egg sandwich without hot sauce, so I doused the whole thing with the hot sauce I made a couple of weeks ago.

snobby egg sandwich

snobby egg sandwich

Y voila, the snobbiest egg sandwich ever. Looking back on this, I don’t know why I only ate one.

I did some lunch prep. Each bowl has 1/2 cup quinoa, 1/2 cup black beans, .5 oz feta, some seasoning, and sauteed poblano peppers. At lunch time, I mix it into a big bowl of lettuce. Makes for a filling and tasty lunch at under 350 calories. My salads aren’t usually this elaborate but salads get so tiring that I’m trying to put more effort into it.

lunches for the week

lunch prep for the week

And that was pretty much it for the cooking. We cooked two big meals, ate leftovers, and had two nights out.

Now that we are solidly into double-digit mileage, I bought a case of Clif Bloks so that I don’t have to stress about picking up chews one or two packs at a time.

Clif Shot Bloks, Margarita flavor

Clif Shot Bloks, Margarita flavor

It amuses me that this is probably the most processed, chemical-filled thing in my cabinet and I have a case of it. Um, I probably should have tasted the margarita flavor before I bought a whole case of it right? I figured that since I don’t like gatorade while running (it’s too “thick”), I should get the extra-sodium flavored margarita. I’ve liked all of the other flavors so I’m sure it will be fine. I also have some Stinger Waffles and liters of coconut water coming via Amazon subscribe ‘n save. You’d think I was some kind of extreme bro ordering this stuff by the case.

clif bloks by the case

Ay bro, I heard you like shots

Plans for the coming week: The chard went into tonight’s leftover soup. I sliced and baked the eggplant along with the eggplant from last week so that it’ll be ready for a casserole. I need to do something with the beets from this week and last week. I have a busy week coming up so I actually don’t know how much cooking I’ll be able to do at all.

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