Sunday workout: Interval run

This weekend’s prescribed run was to do six 800m repeats with 2 minutes of walking in between. I was really proud of myself for powering through each interval portion at a pace of 10:40/mi, faster than what I could run for a mile. The total distance including the walks came out to about 3.75 mi, and then I jogged it out to hit 6 mi (which was not part of the instructions). Boy was that a struggle!

Even though my total overall pace was extremely slow, I felt totally drained. I finished my final mile at a pace that was barely faster than walking. Then I spent the rest of the day feeling completely wiped out. It’s surprising how just pushing myself for those intervals made the run so hard especially when I think about how I felt during my 9 miler last week. Last week, I ran farther and faster and finished feeling great. I still count this week as a success because I’m building up towards improving my mile pace.

I was in Connecticut so back at home, my mother had a treat waiting. She caught on to the fact that I like coconut water after my weekend runs so she bought me a fresh coconut! I felt like I was dying, so coming home to stick a straw in a cold coconut was like an oasis in the desert.

coconut water

Next weekend will be the big 11 miles – the longest run before the race. I’m trying to psych myself up instead of freaking out about it the whole week. After that, I’ll have a week of short runs and then the big day. I’m a little bit off off my official training plan by running in a half marathon on the week that I’m supposed to do a training run of 13 miles. And the training plan actually goes up to 17 miles so I would continue to do two long runs after the race, then be ready for another half marathon after that. Yikes. I’m really not trying think about 17 miles.


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