Another haul from Yes to Carrots

I needed a night cream and body wash, so I decided to cash in my remaining Living Social voucher for Yes to Carrots. Gosh, I hate that awkward name for the company.

Yes to Carrots haul

I originally paid $20 for the $50 voucher, however I referred enough of you peeps to the deal so that my voucher was actually free. I ended up paying $8 out of pocket.

I got:

  • Grapefruit Body Wash
  • Grapefruit Facial Scrub – It only cost $1 more to get it bundled with the body wash. I generally don’t use face soap but feels nicer to use this to get the salty sweat off of my face after working out, rather than my oil cleanser.
  • Grapefruit CC cream – I love this product from last time. Even though my bottle is still full, it doesn’t hurt to get it cheap while I can
  • Carrots Repairing Night Cream
  • Carrots Shampoo
  • Cucumber Face Towelettes – I think face towelettes are expensive and kind of environmentally wasteful but it was the perfect amount to get me to $50. I think I’ll save these to use for freshening up post-race.

I’ll update you if anything rocks my world. Have you used any of these before?

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3 thoughts on “Another haul from Yes to Carrots

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