I Love Waffles

Waffles are one of my favorite foods.


Wafflebot from Harold & Kumar 3d (img source: tumblr)

Now that I am deep into my third half-marathon training round, my husband and I have established some long run rituals and they begin with a waffle dinner the night before. I get excited about the waffles, so I’m not focusing on the anxiety of the run. It was also a nice mental boost because I worked a full day on Saturday and I got through it knowing that there were waffles at the end of the tunnel.

Figuring out what to eat is hard when I am simultaneously trying to lose weight and fuel for a distance run. I feel like those two things aren’t very congruent. I decided to make two batches of waffles – one “regular” for him and a lower fat version for myself. I also needed to use up some homemade applesauce from last year.


I used this recipe with a few tweaks such as using part wheat flour, part ground almonds, and substituting leftover yogurt whey for the milk. I didn’t want it to be “too” healthy like using different types of lower carb flour because then things just start to get weird. I’ve tasted those attempts at “pancakes” or “waffles” and honestly: they suck. They are soggy, grainy, and off color. I kept this as real as possible.

I’ve never been one to drown my waffles in maple syrup, but I never gave serious thought to the calories either. For waffle night, I topped my three waffles with two tablespoons of maple syrup and that looked pretty scant! The photo above was just over a tablespoon. I was definitely using more than that before, and I can’t imagine what it’s like for people who have a puddle of syrup. My waffles looked kind of dry and sad, so I put a scoop of applesauce on the side for extra dipping. Two tablespoons of syrup is about 105 calories ; that’s more than an entire apple or banana. Really gave me something to think about.

Three waffles came out to 350 calories before the syrup; about 450 with syrup so that’s not much to feel guilty about. Thinking about the calories in my old traditional waffle kinda makes me dizzy though. Armed with my new recipe, I feel good about being able to keep waffle night in my rotation without trashing my diet.


One thought on “I Love Waffles

  1. have you read Cook Eat Train Race before? he’s a waffle maniac and probably has a new recipe that can help you make healthy and tasty waffles. i like low carb pancakes myself. super easy and pretty tasty. i use the South Beach Diet book recipe. happy training & thanks for coming by my blog. 🙂

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