Farmshare Week 15 and Preparing for winter

Week 15!! That means we only have three weeks left. You’ll see me counting down until the last week because it makes me so sad.


These veggies seemed especially bright, beautiful, and dense. We have:

  • rainbow chard
  • lettuce mix
  • tons of basil
  • eggplant
  • peppers – literally six kinds
  • one radish
  • tomatillos
  • pattypan squash
  • heirloom tomatoes

I cooked much more this week than the last two. First up was this black bean and mango salad bowl, which I ate for lunch a few days.


It has mango, diced peppers, tomatoes, black beans, and salad mix.

I had to clear out a few weeks’ worth of peppers, so I made some stuffed with brown rice, black beans, homemade tomato sauce, and taco seasoning. Oh and I MADE my own queso blanco!! It was dead easy.


We ate that two nights. I also made another moussaka casserole using black beans and rice instead of the meat, so we ate that two nights as well.

And lastly, a veggie stir fry with more squash and more peppers. I really do not like pattypan squash or even zucchini. It’s so bland no matter now it’s cooked. Even here I cooked it with spicy peppers, garlic, ginger, and soy sauce yet I still had to choke it down.

Trying to use up more veggies, I made a small jar of pickled carrots, cucumbers, and radish a la Momofuku.week158

My friend brought me this Vietnamese sandwich all the way from Montreal (no veggies on it so it would keep better) so I needed to have those pickled veggies!week157

I ate that for dinner tonight because I did not want that stir fry. As you can see, I cooked a lot of veggies this past week, plus I ate a lot of salad and snacked on vegetables + almond butter, and I still have a fridge full of vegetables. I can’t eat them fast enough!

As lame as it sounds, I might have to spend a few hours this weekend putting away this food. I dried the lemongrass and sage from previous weeks. With the basil, should I puree & freeze it or dry it? With the spicy peppers, I think I might try to make my own hot sauce and just straight up freeze the sweet peppers. Tomatillos will be roasted to freeze. Then there’s the matter of more eggplant and squash. Bleh. I don’t know what to do with that.

Other food related goodies. Last Thursday, I went to a show and we got sushi for dinner. We ordered this roll not and were surprised to see that it had no rice! I’d never seen sushi with no rice before, other than the weird stuff I make myself, so I was pretty excited.week152

The cucumber wrapper and the mango habanero sauce made it so refreshing.

A family member gave us an anniversary/no-wedding gift. Le Creuset! Be still my heart.
I have a weird love of casseroles, so I can’t wait to make them in my new dishes.


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