A new running club

Here is a funny picture of me from the Diva Dash. This one makes me laugh because it looks like I’m playing in a junkyard.

Anne says I should frame this for my husband and make him put it in his office because it’s so random.

Anyway, I joined a beginner running group and yesterday was our first practice! It’s supposed to be for first timers working towards a 5k. I felt guilty, like a fraud, but I reasoned that I cannot run longer than 15 mins continuously and my jogging speed is akin so some people’s walking (as proven by my husband). So I think I have a reason to be there. I want to do a 5k without walking!

I think I don’t have to feel too guilty though because there were others there who have done 5k’s. I seriously hope no one gets mad at me when they find out I’ve completed (ahem, not “run”) a half marathon.

I’m nervous that in one part of the plan, we go from 4 x 5 min running segments to suddenly “jog 20 mins.” I don’t know if I can do that! But I should be focusing on one day at a time, I know. hope training with this group will give me the challenge I need and havig coaches will finally get me some improvements.


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