Diva Dash recap

I survived the Diva Dash! It turns out my anxiety was all for nothing. I got in a decent workout and had tons of fun doing it. This event was extremely well produced! One of the best events I’ve done, and I’m not just saying that because I was an ambassador.

Shape Diva Dash Boston

My alarm went off at 7:15 so I had one hour to get out the door. I had some chia pudding with maple syrup, then in the car I had a packet of peanut butter. This is the first time I tried either of things as pre-race foods and it worked out just fine! Then again, I didn’t feel like I worked too hard. I think this could be a regular breakfast for 5k race days since I don’t need too much carbs.
chia seed pudding and Justin's Peanut Butter
I was a little bit late (or so I thought) and I didn’t get my morning coffee. I have a hard enough time getting into a normal day, nevermind going straight into a workout. It kind of stressed me out.

It took an hour to get there and thankfully my bunny drove so I could sunscreen up and do my hair in the car. I thought I was cutting it close to starting time when we arrived but it turns out my wave was at 10:30, not 10:00 like I thought. I had plenty of time to get ready. Most importantly, I got my caffeine!
Pepsi for breakfast
Once that was out of the way, I made a pass around this awesome expo. I made a smart move by grabbing my sample swag before the crowd really filled up.
Shape Diva Dash
Athleta even had a stretching area set up. How thoughtful and handy!
Shape Diva Dash and Athleta stretching station
Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the most exciting part: the race itself. The day was split into waves of around 100? people, spaces 15 mins apart. It was pretty congested for te first quarter mile, pretty much all walking. People around me were trying to jog but I figured out I could walk at that speed. I don’t want to give away too much about the obstacles themselves, but trust me you don’t need to be scared o them! I’m a huge scaredy-cat and I did fine. I think the organizers did a really great job of scaling the obstacles for people of many abilities.

The challenges did not rely heavily on upper body strength but I had to use my hands to help boost myself through the first few obstacles. The result: when I finished the cargo net climb, only 1 mile in, I had re-opened the cut on my hand from last week. The obstacle right after that involved parallel bars but I was able to get through it without putting weight on my hand.

Up until then, the course had us zig-zagging through a flat, sunny course through the county fairgrounds – not scenic at all. However, the second mile had us go through a woody trail with a few steep (though short) sections. There was a lot of walking here because of the inclines and because some of it was not even wide enough for people to pass. Another thing about the obstacles was that for many of the obstacles, I started climbing right up but hesitated longer at the “top” because I felt nervous about going down. Also, even though 90% of people were wearing tutus, I think I would have been annoyed wearing one and trying to maneuver some things. This is coming from a lady who loves any excuse to wear a tutu!

running the Diva Dash

North Face tank top

I flew through the obstacles then before I knew it, 2nd to last stop, was the monkey bars! They actually had two side: one side was just the bars. The other side also had bars on the bottom so you could walk your feet along to help you. I’m midget sized though so that wouldn’t help me because my feet still wouldn’t touch. Anyway, like I said, my hand was kind of bleeding so I thought it was best (and more hygenic for all parties) if I did not put my hands all over those bars. I know I said I wouldn’t try them but after doing so well with everything else, I was annoyed to have one unresolved obstacle especially right at the end. Even the grannies were attempting them 😦

The final station was the see-saw which I thought was fun. The race is advertised as 5k but it felt like around 3 mi or just under. I didn’t wear a watch at all but I must have completed the course in around 40 mins which doesn’t seem possible considering my normal 5k time without obstacles is 37 min.

As we crossed the finish, they handed us our swag bags which was very smart. Why bother getting a bag before the race then having to drop it off at bag check? I like that. I made a beeline for the free wine, but the line was very long and they were only giving you a little shot sized sample anyway, so I just bought a beer. I hung out a bit, drank my beer, ate a free yogurt pop, and then a flash mob started! My second ever witness of a flash mob.
Shape Diva Dash
Are flash mobs even still a thing? Who cares. It fit the vibes perfectly.

In addition to being wonderfully produced, the swag was the best ever.
Shape Diva Dash swag bag
First of all, a tech t-shirt. When was the last one you got a tech shirt for a 5k? For me, never. Not even at Disney. The drawstring bag came with a magazine, granola, and a Luna bar. At the expo booths I picked up all of those snacks and some Oakley socks. I wonder of they are yoga socks because they have grippy rubber soles that remind me of toddler socks :). Although its not the most important thing, when people pay a lot of money for an event, it’s nice to get quality goodies.

Eventually i had to tear myself away from the beer, wine, and free snacks. My husband could only take so much glitter & tulle. The event was a blast. Everyone there was so darn happy. Who could blame them? Perfect weather, a day out with girlfriends, wine, and the endorphins of exercise. I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity.


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